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By ReviewHuntr | Reviewhuntr | 21 Apr 2021

Navigater Internet Guide Review. The Internet can be a really dark place sometimes; and just like the Fifty Shades of Grey saga, it just keeps getting darker. With all the unlimited amount of information that comes right onto the web, it is perfectly understandable that some people might find themselves lost every time they scroll through a website. Where they may encounter a new meme, a new reference, or another video of Cardi B giving free sexuality lessons… Until now.

For all those who need to learn the skills and basic instincts that you may need to navigate quietly on the web, the Navigater will be your new best friend: this is the definitive guide to use and understand the Internet. It consists basically of a book written by experts about how to use the web, with an integrated smartphone app that assists you through your training.

The Navigater is a 200-chapter book full of priceless data that will help you increase your knowledge of the web and appreciate even the tiniest details; turning yourself into a person who will recognize the difference between an innocent spam message and a Ponzi scheme. It can even help you differentiate between a legitimate link to download a file and an ad with a mortal virus that could destroy your computer.

Moreover, there are many examples of the different languages and slangs used by every community across the Internet, so you don’t miss anything. For example, it shows you which emojis to use when communicating to an elderly person to make yourself clear; or even how many curse words to apply per sentence while talking to a ten-year-old playing Fortnite, improving the communication process and earning the kid’s respect.

The Navigater was written by the brightest minds when it comes to wandering through the lost roads of the Internet. They were basically programmers, twelve years old gamers, and a staff of YouTubers led by Pewdiepie.

The book also has chapters and notes written by different celebrities. Kanye West, for instance, wrote at least twenty-pages about tweeting random stuff impulsively.

Tyler The Creator collaborated with a subtle recommendation to avoid cyberbullying. He fully describes the process of closing your eyelids until you cannot see the comments and the underestimated mechanism of turning your computer off.

To make the guide more attractive for the public, the people from Baseeks -the company supporting the Navigater- decided to include an app to assist users in their learning process.

The app can be installed on your phone, tablet, or computer, and it will appear from time to time, giving you notes explaining situations that may be taking place. For example, if you find an ad where it states, you casually just won the lottery, the app will explain to you patiently how that is a scam and how to avoid them. If you click away, the app will block your device until you finish reading a full chapter of the book specialized in simple scams.

The app can also help you evade catfishing when you want to reply to someone’s story by warning you “it’s a dude”. But in case you fall into the trap purposely, there is a button called “I feel lonely, ok?” As such, you do not have to read the whole catfish chapter as a punishment necessarily.

Navigater saw the light as a project thanks to Alexander Satstill, who presented the idea to the Board of Directors of Baseeks. Satstill convinced the whole board to start working on Navigater after he related with tears in his eyes the story of how his grandfather lost thousands of dollars in his continuous attempts to have a conversation with the Russian teenagers that wanted to have sex with him.

After reading the guide, Satstill’s grandfather finally left his wife and married a nice golden-haired blue-eyed Russian girl using a list of advice included in chapter 2. He’s now as happy as a kid in a candy factory.

Verdict: 8/10, the book will be outdated a few months after the next Chinese virus comes along with WW3. It could have been an ebook. Still, it is good for your parents and Third World Countries with a slow internet connection. We would recommend you to skip the ten chapters dedicated to explaining the different kinds of porn available across the Internet. It is a great educational read besides that as it allows you to navigate the web without as much difficulty in the past. Have fun!

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