Mdma cat depression therapy

MDMA cat depression therapy kit

By ReviewHuntr | Reviewhuntr | 19 Apr 2021

Mdma Cat Depression Therapy Home Kit Review. Depression has become a common topic of discussion for more and more people. In part because of revolutionary approaches to treating depression hitting the news. Various studies show that party drugs are currently in use for more than their traditional purposes. Helping people heal from past traumas, PTSD, depressions, and more. For example, the promising results from therapies using MDMA add a whole new hue to discussions regarding drug laws and medicine.

But did you know people aren’t the only ones who suffer from depression? Your pets can become depressed as well. Especially if they’re living with someone who suffers from depression. Pet depression can be more difficult to spot because pets have difficulty communicating their thoughts and feelings with their people friends.

Cats are one of the most common animals who suffer from depression, and there are several signs to look out for. Do you find your cat sleeping for long periods in the day? Are they restless at night? Do they avoid your attention, or even hide from you? These are all signs that you may have a cat suffering from depression. In years past your only options for treatment would be cute mice on a string, catnip, or feline Prozac. Now you have another option in this new age of medicine.

MDMA cat therapy is the freshest trend rolling onto the scene. With veterinary clinics offering specialized services all over the country. The times are changing once again and you don’t have to leave the comfort of your own home to participate in this therapy for your depressed cat. Meowtastic Treats is offering new MDMA cat therapy home kits to help you return the joy to all nine of your cat friends lives.

Though Dr. Felidae of the Hoof Art Education Center for Animal Wellness stresses that these treatments are still very new and many of the long term side effects are unknown. She goes on to suggest, “if you notice your cat is listening to electronic music or chasing lasers in excess it might be time to reduce the treatments”. She goes on to say that no treatments are purrrfect, and it’s important to continually monitor your cat throughout the treatments and report any strange behaviors to their vet. The type of cat food your little Simba is eating can also have an impact on their well being.

Still, despite concerns, many people are opting to try these home treatments with successful results. Vicky from Buffalo, New York, is ecstatic with the results so far. “He’s sooooo much more affectionate than he was before. He’s been rubbing against me for the past 8 hours. He only took one break to find a glowing neon collar. I’m still not quite sure where he found it. He’s a whole new cat, and I love him to pieces. The MDMA cat therapy home kit is exactly what he needed.”

ReviewHuntr gathered cats from all walks of life to conduct our review. House cats living with depressed owners, and owners without depression. Cats that spend their day chasing rats who spend their day chasing cheese. And alley cats who ate trash every day.

Results varied across our subjects. The indoor cats saw the most benefit while alley cats saw marginal improvements. The cat who chased rats wasn’t interested in trying the treatment. But he’s always been kind of lame that way with his collar all tight.

Of all the things you can supply your cat the most important one is happiness. While it still may be slightly controversial, MDMA therapy for cats has proven to be as effective as its human MDMA therapy trials. With home kits hitting the stores it’s a chance for you to share some happiness with the cats you love.

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