GLBrain - Next-Generation Online Community Management, Social Networking and Marketing Platform

GLBrain - Next-Generation Online Community Management, Social Networking and Marketing Platform

When people come together for a specific topic to share, express, learn on one single platform, it creates a community. The way the expressions happen is nothing but social media. This was the basic idea when there was no internet. In today’s revolutionary world where things have gone beyond its imagination (example-blockchain technology), the definition of every system or platform has changed.

“GLBrain is a next-generation online community management, social networking and marketing platform.”

At the moment due to the vast spread of technology, the online community, and social media networks are kind of unregularized. This is leading various major problems that are impacting the users and thus community. These problems include spamming, abusing, low-quality content, lack of trust, inequality, authorship or ownership proof, privacy, security and also legal threats.

Looking at these problems, there is a strong need for kind of regularisation or controlling this online community and social media activities keeping confidence high of every user and thus the community.


Till now there is no integrated platform that combines online communities and social media to provide error-free, trustworthy solutions.

And here comes GLBrain. It is revolutionizing the entire community management ecosystem using blockchain technology.

GLBrain provides online community management systems, digital marketing, social sharing, and communication services a new-age solution using blockchain technology which enhances complete data privacy, control over sharing and more importantly security and transparency.

“The communication part of GLBrain is GLBrain myLife.”


GLBrain takes care of all kind of communities when it comes to provisioning of world-class features. These communities may from a private user, small or medium group or even a large business organization. GLBrain is suitable for every type of community.

GLBrain ecosystem allows users access to all the features of standard social networks and also gives full ownership and control over their data. This is possible due to the use of GLBrain’s unique chain coded database.

It also integrates the platform such that all the required tools can be used within a single GLBrain ecosystem.

Due to the integration of blockchain technology within GLbrain’s ecosystem provides enhanced transparency, security, and privacy as well.

“GLB is a utility coin ready to use within the GLBrain Network allowing 20 % discount on all rates.”

GLBrain platform provides a solution to 3 major areas of community management

  • Smart Basic:- Private users who are interested in data authorship.
  • Smart Business: - To local entrepreneurs with an eCommerce platform
  • Smart Communities:- For complex social community system and for development projects.

The blockchain on which GLBrain platform works is on SkyFiber – the Third Generation Blockchain Technology.SkyFiber blockchain technology is highly efficient and scalable for any dApps.

In any blockchain technology, scalability is a major concern. For Bitcoin and Ethereum, the agreement or consensus reaching takes time and thus affects scalability. SkyFiber’s consensus algorithm overcomes this problem resulting in better scalability.

Apart from enhanced scalability, SkyFiber also provides extended security, high throughput(more TPS), almost no transaction fees and low energy consumption which reduces operational costs of any ecosystem.

For more information, you can refer to GLBrain’s whitepaper:-

Both the GLBrain’s coin, GLB, and its External Receipt Ledger function are based on this revolutionary technology. The GLB coin is a utility token that provides discounted access to the business services of the GLBrain online platform.

GLB coin users will get a discount on the platform for various services offered. The services can be subscriptions to professional profiles, advertising, publishing,  purchase of pages in GLMall and so on.

“GLMall- An Online Mall for Products, Services, Jobs and Real Estate.”

About GLBrain’s team and advisors

GLBrain project comprises of a dedicated and experienced team. Dr. Wolfgang Pinegger, who is the CEO, has more than 30 years of experience in machine-building, banking, logistics and so on.

One of the advisors, Dr. Walter Schwimmer, who holds a PhD in law and part of GLBrain company since it was founded.

For more information on team and advisor, please visit GLBrain’s website:-


If you want to participate now in GLBrain IEO, visit

Coin prices during the individual sale events are set as follows:

  • Coin base price: 0.10 €
  • IEO:80m coins at 0.10 € – less discount from 15 %, 10 % and 5 % in the 3 phases of the IEO
  • Total funds expected to be raised in IEO after deduction of cost: 5,300,000 USD


Now regarding the roadmap of GLBrain which shows projects potential and long term vision.

It all started in 2012 when the project was founded. After various stages, in 2015,  Front-end development with Launch of GLBrain and MyLife modules followed by GMall in 2016. Since the start of 2018, GLbrain is developing solutions using blockchain technology integration. At the end of 2019, GLB coin wallet was launched along with the publishing of whitepaper. With the start of 2020, GLBrain will complete the IEO process and may start the STO campaign if required. Stay tuned with the community via telegram for the latest updates. 

So, what makes GLBrain IEO different from other IEOs?

GLBrain will sell a maximum of 120,000,000 GLB into the market during the Presale and the IEO. After the end of the IEO, no more coins will be distributed for a period of 2 years. During these 2 years, users will be able to pay for GLB services using their coins. This will ensure sufficient liquidity with controlled supply and demand method which certainly increases coin price.

With other IEO, this is not the case. Even after IEO, a lot of coins released as part of other funds of for example teams or private investors, which reduces the price of a coin after IEO due to selling pressure.

More information on GLBrain:-




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