50% interest on your USDT/USDC

Earn up to 50% on USDT/USDC with Fully Regulated Brokerage

Well, you heard it right. 50%! I was really skeptical till I dig further.

What Freeway does is, crypto deposited are used as collaterals where they took a loan for quant trading. Your crypto are safe, left untouched on fully regulated brokerage account. You may not know, but successful quant traders can bring as much as 70% annual returns. That is how they can  distribute up to 50% as interest. Their trading records may be audited and soon shared with the public. 

Imagine $100,000 x 50% = $50,000 per annum, and if you let it compound, you can most properly retire with it. 

Freeway Compound

These are my findings that makes me feel safe to have my crypto with Freeway. (extracted from their Freeway lite paper)

How to get 50% interest

  • Basic Interest + 20%
  • Lock 30 days + 10%
  • Stake 5% worth of FWT +10% 
  • User activity score +10% (a bit vague, rumoured that if you intro 2 or more people, you will get this)

In conclusion, if you deposit your own funds, locked for 30 days and stake 5% of FWT tokens, you receive (40%). If you refer more people, you may get up to 50%.

So far, the FWT tokens are price between 0.07 to 0.15cents, peak at 0.03cents. Current Market cap(MC) is 30m while Nexo, another crypto bank earns up to 12%(pure crypto) has a MC of 1.2Billion. Therefore, I think the tokens has more upside. Also, they are coming up with more utilities for FWT tokens with the launch of their own Blockchain in the near future. The only thing I am a bit uncomfortable is that there are 10billion tokens, where team and early investors owns 42%. Early investors had already earn between 11 to 17x on their initial investment. I am not sure how much more selling pressure is there. Have we bottomed? 



Why I feel safe with Freeway: 

1. Freeway Prime: The world's ONLY Full Regulated Crypto Brokerage
Freeway Prime is rebrand of Ardu Prime - an EU- regulated prime brokerage with an impeccable 22 years track record.

2. Funds are segregated prime brokerage accounts with investors protections. Safer then having it in in banks. Brokerage accounts works differently than bank accounts. Bank can use client money to lend or invest for a return. The Freeway Prime Brokerage is regulated to protect and guarantee client funds, and never lends, trades, or risk deposits in ANY way. 

3. An existing, experience organisation (Ardu) dealing with regulatory requirements, best practices and risk management.

How to sign up: 
You can sign up with at www.freeway.io , I will appreciate if you can use my referral link https://bit.ly/GetFreeway

Where to get the Freeway Token.
You can get it from Uniswap (ethereum chain)0x4a7397b0b86bb0f9482a3f4f16de942f04e88702 Or BNB Chain (Bep20)0x893169619461d3aba810a40b5403c62f27e703f9. 

However, the liquidity is low and so, getting it on their OTC page will be a better choice. 

I have to admit it is a bit cumbersome but this saves gets you more tokens. Login and Click Purchase button.

Click Buy or Sell OTC a9464f22d82fad366f2b54380703cb13160d53c4d1bd0c759b6a254035b07b4f.png

Click OTC form--> fill up the form--> Receive and email with address to send --> Within 12-24hrs, you will see the tokens on your dashboard. 

You can send via different network for your OTC. Obviously is my preferred choice is Bep20 as incurs less gas fee.


How to get Supercharge USD/ EURO/ BTC/BNB/ETH...

Same as how you OTC to get FWT tokens. 

Click OTC form--> fill up the form--> Receive and email with address to send --> Within 12-24hrs, you will see the tokens on your dashboard. 

Interest for: 

- EURO - up to 43%
- BTC - up to 33%
- ETh/BNB/ADA/Gold/Dot - up to 20%


If you intent to put say $10,000 worth of USDC, you will need to get 5% worth of FWT tokens, as the token price fluatuates, you may want to get 10% instead that will act as a buffer so that you get the maximum interest. Thereafter, go to your profile page and refer your friends who may wish to gain more interest like you do so that you may also get another up to 10% annum interest on your crypto. 


[This is my personal view and not financial advise, pls do your own Research (DYOR)]

If you like this article, here is my referral link, I will appreciate if you use the link https://bit.ly/GetFreeway

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Karen New wrote the 1st book on cryptocurrency, New Assets and Comic book on Blockchain - Wish I knew, in Singapore. She is also an adjunct lecturer at the Singapore FinTech Association on Crypto Literacy, and an Oxford alumnus.

Retire Early - Possibly Fastest with Crypto
Retire Early - Possibly Fastest with Crypto

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