Splinterlands Challenge of the Week: Sand Worm

By RealSociology | Retire by 50 | 8 Jul 2021

This week's Splinterlands Challenge of the Week was to showcase the Neutral Sand Worm....


The Worm is heavy on Mana, but he's a huge damage sneak card, and I see him played all the time, but I rarely play him myself, given that high mana and the raft of legendaries I've got to choose from which are better.

Still, for a common reward card the Worm is pretty handy, so it's nice to get challenged to use him!

His weakness: he is slow!

The battle below features The Worm, played with the Kitty, to ensure he hits, given that he's a little on the slow side!

The Rule Set and Line Up

  • Mana cap 25
  • Only commons, which favours the Worm!
  • Opportunity - slight twist the tale here!

Screenshot 2021-07-08 at 19.32.28.png

Summoner - Kitty

  1. Failed Summoner - I figured a mid health tank would be OK given the opportunity attacks, I also needed low mana to allow me to play the Worm.
  2. Earth Elemental - second tank, to give the Worm a chance to stand out.
  3. The Chicken - opportunity fodder (sorry chicken!)
  4. Khmer Princess - for heal
  5. Sandworm - the feature card
  6. The Cocatrice - also opportunity fodder, usually worth a miss or two!

Did my strategy work?

Beautifully, to see it in action click here!

  • Round 1 - Carnage from the off - my opponent takes first blood with the Chicken (but that's what he's there for!), the Sand Worm takes out the Jester (think i got the better trade!), but I lose my Elemental, but then he loses his Cocatrice. This is only going one way!
  • Round 2 - The Worm takes out his Highland Archer, I'm liking this! But I lose my Cocatrice (there was a miss last round, so that's OK!) and I also take out his Undead Priest. I also lost my Princess somewhere along the line. Carnage!
  • Round 3 - It's all over, I take out his Bone Golem and then...
  • Rond 4 - it's just the Spirit left!

How important was The Sand Worm?

Err, absolutely crucial, I mean central - that was the idea behind playing low attack cards alongside him.

However, I had thought he'd be doing his opportunity thing, I didn't expect sneak to trump opportunity (I just didn't realise it did!).

As it turns out he was more useful as a sneak card given my opponent's having two of his better cards at the rear!

So happy days!

Final Thoughts: Sand Worm - worth buying?

Absolutely I think - it's an awesome and cheap card to add to your sneak attack, especially if you're playing with the Kitty so you can't miss - that's A LOT of damage being packed in one card.

It's an especially useful card lower down the orders I think, so a good one to buy and level up if you are starting out, maybe less useful up in Diamond league?

I mean for 7-9 mana, I've got a LOT of better options with my legendaries.

But for a common card, and that's how me must judge the Worm, he's pretty awesome!

If you don't yet play Splinterlands, why not give it a go?

Anyone using my referral link will receive a free rare card!

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