Splinterlands Battle Mage Secrets: What Doesn't Kill You...

By RealSociology | Retire by 50 | 14 Oct 2023

This week's Battle Mage rule set challenge was What Doesn't Kill You in which every monster melee monster gains the enrage ability when struck.

Love the name of this ability!

Enrage general strategy....

I think this one is more about AVOIDING what you play rather than necessarily playing more melee monsters.

As in avoiding anything which will possibly enrage sneakers, reachers and opportunists... So avoid blast and opportunity and scattershot if possible.

It's also worth playing shields which can be a nice way of taking out larger enraged attacks.

Besides that it's also a good idea to play as many melee attacks as possible! So Reach, sneak, opportunity, all good ideas!

What doesn't kill you battle exemplar

The battle below shows a decent Lama with earth victory!

Mana and rulesets:

  • 32 mana
  • Enrage with trample and ranged in first.

Screenshot 2023-10-13 at 19.11.31.png

Summoner - SLM - Plus two health, last stand and clenase

  • Flesh Golem - in honour of our in focus ruleset, and an ever reliable tank
  • Scorch Fiend - 0 mana soak
  • Earth Elemental - played higher up because of ranged in first
  • Queen mycelia - one of the best low mana legendaries - protect and triage
  • Kmer princes - more triage
  • Cornealus - silly not too with last stand, such a great card!

The battle...

  • round 1 - We trade blows for no loss
  • round 2 - my enraged flesh golem takes out my opponent's mirror who then gets resurrected but immediately taken out 1/1 damage. I then carve through his two healers
  • round 3 - my engraged golem takes out the mushroom I then take down his Sprit Druid.
  • round 4 it's all over!

I'm 6/6

Final battle analysis

Engraged worked for me very nicely while my shields protected me!

This is a great example of WHY you should play shields!

What doesn't kill you final thoughts...

Play shields!

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