Splinterlands Battle Mage Secrets: Super Sneak!

By RealSociology | Retire by 50 | 28 Oct 2023

This week's Battle Mage rule set challenge was Super Sneak in which all melee monsters gain the sneak ability, attacking the back row monster...

Super Sneak general strategy....

If you're going into attack mode, then speed is crucial to make your hits count, as is as much damage as possible, piercing too!

If I'm going on the offensive, I like to have as many monsters doing damage to one point as possible, so I'd go with at least three melee monsters.

In terms of defence, both shields and thorns and retaliate at the back can work wonders! And of course repair and triage to defend against this!

This is one of those rulesets where I think LIFE could come in handy, as void shield would be equally as useful if your opponent decides to ignore the ruleset, which can happen!

Super Sneak battle exemplar

The battle below shows a battle featuring the Water splinter in a comprehensive victory!

Mana and rulesets:

  • 25 mana
  • Sneak only

Screenshot 2023-10-26 at 19.31.57.png

**Keyla - for shields and speed

  1. Turtle - a nice low mana tank
  2. Torrent Fiend - tank 2
  3. Venari Wavesmith - more shields
  4. Scavo Hireling - repair
  5. Zenith Monk - heal
  6. Naga Assassin - attack and retaliate!

The battle...

  • round 1 - I take out my opponent's Archer at the back!
  • round 2 - We trade blows for no loss.
  • round 3 - I take out my opponent's Disintegrator, aptly named, NOT! But I lose my turtle
  • round 4 - we trade blow for no losses, but I get a retaliate on the Stonefish!
  • round 5 - I lose my fiend to that magic attack, but i take out my opponent's archer
  • round 6 - I take out my opponent's Ooze and Stonefish, now it's all focus on Osheanus!
  • It's all over - it takes me until round 10 to finish off the tank, but with the Zenith monk in tank towards the end, it's just heal for attack while Naga grinds him down.

Final battle analysis

The general idea here was to grind my opponent down with Naga's retaliate triggering and hoping his shields would hold up given my repair!

Naga played a crucial role with the highest damage, although the other cards did their bit, chipping away, and repair was crucial.

Overall a master class in how to play sneak!

Super Sneak final thoughts...


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