Splinterlands Battle Mage Secrets: Stampede (NOT!)

By RealSociology | Retire by 50 | 22 Oct 2023

This week's Battle Mage rule set challenge was Stampede in which every melee monster gains the Stampede ability....Stampede meaning if a monster kills another, they strike again immediately after!

Stampede general strategy....

Given that we are talking melee monsters, I would advise shields and repair and lots of speed, to prevent yourself being hit in the first place.

Having said that the battle below suggests you're better off just ignoring stampede. It's so niche it RARELY triggers.

Stampede battle exemplar

The battle below shows a battle featuring the Chanseus heading up the Life Splinter to victory and showcasing just how USELESS stampede can be.

Mana and rulesets:

  • Ruleset: Melee only, stampede and one gladiator
  • 49 mana, so relatively high!

Screenshot 2023-10-21 at 09.29.09.png

Summoner - Chanseus - repair and resurrect!

  • Uriel the Purifier - lots of shields and health, a decent tank!
  • Junker - decent damage and reach
  • Amoursmith - repair
  • Kraulus - for that double attack magic
  • Dumacke Exlie - sneak one
  • Feral Spirit - sneak two.

The battle...

  • round 1 - I take out my opponent's Urea rapido with my higher speed and he misses by Feral spirit with his three remaining sneak strikes - ha!
  • round 2 - at the back another two misses on my Feral, but sneak strike three takes him out, but he's resurrected! At the front... A fully charged Uriel takes out my opponent's tank with his deathblow dealing 12 damage. He is nicely protected behind shields!
  • round 3 - My Feral takes out the Assassin and another miss from the slow Sandworm and he's still in action. At the front it's slow going, just pounding against shields!
  • round 4 - My double sneak takes out the nasty Sandworm (not a fan of being against that card, thankfully it's slow!)
  • rounds 5 and 6 - it's all over, I polish off my opponent!

Final battle analysis

I won because of speed meaning I drew first blood and after THREE misses on m Feral in Round one, my opponent was pretty much screwed from that point forward!

He didn't help himself TBF and he lost this rather than me winning it - too many misses from his slow sneak strategy (I've been there) and later on his lack of repair meaning I carved through his shields, whereas mine benefited from double repair and he couldn't touch me.

My triage was a waste of time with that Sandworm's 7 damage, repair much ore useful. Resurrect certainly played its part, given the Feral more attacks and eliciting more misses!

The Feral Sprit stood out here doing A LOT of the killing!


There WERE five opportunities and it didn't trigger at all, NOT ONCE!

Stampede final thoughts...

Just ignore it, it rarely triggers!

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