Splinterlands Battle Mage Challenge: Fog of War!

By RealSociology | Retire by 50 | 20 Apr 2024

This week's Battle Mage rule set challenge was Fog of War in which monsters lose the sneak, snipe and opportunity abilities....

It's almost as if you can relax a bit more with this ruleset!

Fog of War general strategy....

You're basically left with one strategy... and that's pounding the tank!

I personally find with this ruleset it's good to go for a crude, max damage strategy, and try and get rid of that opposing tank asap, so more so than usual I think speed is your ally here!

I also like to use blast to weaken that second place monster.

Shields and repair and tank heal are also useful, as is a hench tank, and maybe even amplify to make sure monsters are getting something back on a combine with return fire etc.

Fog of war battle exemplar

The battle below shows a Thadius v Thadius victory in a low mana battle...

Mana and ruleset and line up:

  • 16 mana
  • fog of war!

Screenshot 2024-04-20 at 16.59.02.png

Summoner - Thadius - Death being generally low mana good!

  • Zenith Monk - an excellent low mana tank with heal and void
  • Coprse Fiend - 0 mana necessary filer!
  • Life Sapper - life leach - very useful!
  • Wierding Warrior - decent damage for the mana!
  • Dr Blight - awesome suit of buffs for 0 mana

The battle...

  • round 1 - I lose my monk, OUCH!
  • round 2 - I lose my fiend but the the Windeku goes down due to poison!
  • round 3 - after a couple of misses on the Chaos Agent (useful card, that one), I take him out and then the Shade.
  • round 4 - it's all over, I polish off my opponent's remaining monsters!

Final battle analysis


I thought we'd banned bots? Or maybe it's just my opponent lacking originality with yet another Cursed Windeku tank, he deserved to lose just for that.

Too much mana on one card and then everything else with one health, he was always gonna lose this!

Blighty came through by poisoning the Windeku, then it was all over!

Fog of War final thoughts...

Don't rely on a tank when the best strategy is for your opponent to pound that tank, you will lose!

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