(Lack of) Income Review - Adjusting to a Low-Income Lifestyle....

By RealSociology | Retire by 50 | 21 Jul 2020

Well thanks to Covid-19, I’m officially in draw-down from next month!

### Ouch!
<br>Actually this isn’t anywhere near bad as I anticipated – my earnings for March up until now from My []( resources weren’t as bad as I thought – a lot less than they usually are because of the cancellation of exams this year, but my resource sales have held up better than expected.

My suspicion is that it’s a combination of paranoid pupils and parents getting ahead for next year, maybe some teachers too, given they’ve had a bit of extra time recently, the A-level ones at least, given that half their cohort just left without them having to do anything!

I haven’t earned anything from the teaching aspect of job number two in the last four months, but I’ve earned a little bit from the level 5 Marking I do.

**NB despite this, I am still buying Crypto!**

### March – June Average Monthly Earnings
<br>Overall my earnings for March – June look like this:

![Average Monthly Income March - June 2020, Pounds .png](,%20Pounds%20%20.png)
<br>Usually the resource sales are double that, and I’ve got teaching income of around £900 a month coming in as well, so it’s quite a hit, but TBH with my mortgage holiday payment, I’ve managed to survive off of this and my last proper teaching pay-out from February which I claimed in March.

Technically of course the Hive ‘income’ does not count as earnings for tax purposes, as these are charitable donations of tokens from patrons, rather than income.

### Next month it gets a little tougher….

<br> I did my finances for next month today, I wanted to get ahead with it – I’m having to shift £700 from my main savings account to ‘top-up’ my ‘cost of living’ accounts and I’ve got car insurance to pay (I pay it in one go) and a few other ‘emigration expenses’. Although TBH, given that my insurance is around £350, I’m only £350 short with my usual expenses and that’s with the mortgage kicking back in.

I’m also broadly encouraged that my non-teaching earnings are up compared to what I thought they’d be, in fact they’re currently around quadrupled what I’d expected because July is normally very quiet for revision resource sales, but this year they’re good!

Just as well, I’ll be mainly living off of this for the foreseeable future from Autumn.

### Good preparation for my coming low-income lifestyle
<br> This is the first review I’ve ever done where I haven’t had a relatively high income, and I’m glad to say I’m OK with it – in fact I’m almost looking forward to getting used to living with less and finding alternative ways to meet my needs rather than with Fiat.

It has to be done, I don’t trust this FIAT economy!

### Still Buying Crypto
<br> On a closing note, now my Steem PD is almost done, I've still managed to find an extra £30 or so every couple of weeks to buy a bit more crypto - it typically goes LTC - BTC - Hive (50-60% Power Up) then 40-50% DEC/ LEO. It's the insane return I get on it. It just seems insane not not buy in, even though in normie-terms, I can't really afford it~!

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