Faketoshi Cries In Court

By restmode | restlife | 29 Jun 2019

Craig Wright, the man claiming to be Satoshi Nakamoto the creator of Bitcoin broke down crying in court yesterday. Craig is in court being sued for $5 Billion half of the amount he and his partner Dave Kleiman mined in Bitcoin from 2008 to 2013. Dave has passed away so his brother, Ira Kleiman is the person holding the lawsuit against Wright.


Wright has been for some time now, saying that he is the beyond rich creator of Bitcoin claiming that he could prove it if he wanted to. Now that he is in court being sued the only thing that he has managed to do is cry. Wright is now claiming that he does not have access to his Bitcoin fortune, reporting that he doesn’t hold any Bitcoin. With his partner being deceased there is no way to prove if Wright is Satoshi or if he holds any Bitcoin. A lot of people worldwide do not Believe Craig Wright to be Satoshi Nakamoto and these people on the Internet have named him Faketoshi. In my opinion, Craig Wright is not the creator of Bitcoin and the only thing that he created is problems and lawsuits for himself.


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