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🔥 Web traffic for the most popular exchanges in JUNE!

By resiliencia | resiliencia | 8 Jul 2020


I am a big fan of the @ico_analytics twitter account. The information they provide is really interesting.
Here I will share their Web traffic analysis for the best exchanges. They used the number of visits of June and compared it with May.
Almost all the exchanges have decreased in visits this June. They average a loss of -13% in the number of visitors for the last month. I am not sure what are the causes of this decrease in traffic.


Binance & Coinbase are the leaders

I was not aware that Binance and Coinbase where that far away from their competitors. Binance itself has x10 times more traffic than Bittrex, which is huge!

They both have the same amount of visitors than almost all of the other exchanges of this list combined. Any project that manages to be listed in Binance or Coinbase gets so fucking attention.

I am not 100% a fan of this 2 centralized exchanges but I have to admit that they are doing the things correctly to be ahead of the competitors.

2 exchanges are increasing in the number of visitors

I have been following lately the **Kucoin **exchange as I have noticed that their native token is a good option if you want to receive some passive income from their fees.

The price of their token KCS (KuCoin Shares) has been decreasing a lot, but I can see in the analysis that they are increasing the number of visitors. I should take another look about the evolution of this exchange.

Last june they saw an increase of 16% in their number of visitors, which is really good. However we need more information to have an idea about the health of the exchange.

The other exchange that appears on the list as a winner is Upbit a South Korean exchange founded in 2017.

I hope you found the information as helpful as I did!

Enjoy! 😊


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