🔥 Binance Card. Is worth trying it?

By resiliencia | resiliencia | 1 Sep 2020


I just received an email from Binance saying that I have been selected to test the Binance Card in my region. Well, I doubt I have been selected, the email looks too generic but I think I will give it a try.

As far as I know the Binance Card is not available in Spain. However you can start using the virtual card immediately and add it to Google Pay and Samsung Pay to pay anywhere with your smartphone.


I am not a huge fan of Binance, but I have to recognize that they do a lot of things really good. One of them is bringing crypto to the masses and making it accessible for everybody.

This card gives a real use case for crypto, pay for your daily things without the need to send your money to your bank account.

If it works for me I will share the experience with you.

Enjoy! 😊

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