remote view 2/Woeful wizards rejoice and huzzah/nuremburg battle 1561

Its done.

Rejoice fellow tinfoil wearers'

A very successful and totally hard viewing of an aerial battle in 1561 over France. The enemy combatants created havoc in the skies as the local townspeople watched and wondered. The local press made a printing explaining the details in lurid detail as the sight unfolded.

Que , a normal wizard, hat askew, pants a drooping and one boot off. Free time on his hands ,a friend with a target and a need to know

the target was simple,


with 3 focus points/or the why what and who.

I pulled up my pants ,tightened my belt ,kicked off my other shoe and said ,


obviously that was for my biography that will be soon made into a million dollar move.

As I sat down and loosened my pants ,I realized,


I cant feel or see anything,

except ,

a single pinpoint, with a hum or resonance flowing out, and yellow silver red gold.

Energy flowing ,an object rising and falling and going forward and backwards but not lineal motion but spiraling or in waves

on and on this went, so much so ,that all the data I had was about the resonance and energy and unfolding.


The watchers

I sensed watchers ,and not just one group but several groups. I also felt interest toward me, more of a recognition glance than a piercing, who are you .


Stopped the view, pulled my suspenders up ,girded my loins ,grabbed my coffee, complained to the guy who gave me the target about how hard it was 

And dove back in 

The 3rd and final view was much of the same except this time i drew multiple hominids at a desk or flat area ,all bent over looking at something.

so cool.

so much data ,no one to evaluate it and tell me what it is.


I am doing a self analysis of the data and several relevant points.

  1 I saw energy and resonance and a quantum point unfolding.Yes,its in the data

  2 resonant energy is usually associated w drives of certain crafts/the spiraling motion is also part of the drive system of the standard ufo at area 51

  3 if the view was of just a news article that dealt with only fictional or made up working points then the extra details in the view such as drives, watchers resonance ,energy beams might not have come through and most certainly  ,the watchers.

  4 all the data from this view will be available to see for yourself at my website coming soon and you can judge for yourself.I try to follow controlled remote viewing as taught by Paul Smith ,I find it very difficult to do without a dedicated partner to help me .any further looking into the battle will possibly glean small amounts of usable data but a whole lot of chafe due to all that I have seen and heard about this event and others like it.

In conclusion

My Joy and happiness to actually do a remote view of something that I know is a head scratcher and full of mystery has made my long journey so much more fun

If any wannabe wizards want to pursue the unseen and unknowing, its time.

Time to fold your mystical hat of learning, tighten your belt of support, strap on those suspenders of holding and don the boots of muck wading.

Its time to open your mind and see

magos videbunt in tempore flumina et mirabuntur

wizards will see the streams in time and be amazed

My website is coming soon .All my views will be documented ,time stamped and approved for general review and I am hoping for questions to be answered and help for those looking into this very interesting project.




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remote viewing/fun and adventure
remote viewing/fun and adventure

a short description of the fun i am having setting up a remote viewing company. the trials and troubles of a wannabe wizard and his unruly assistants

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