Cryptids,UAPs,UFOs and our government involvement as described by a woeful wizard



This will include Bigfoot ,Nessie,Swampman,Dogman,Skinwalkers,Greys,Whites,Lizardman and the list goes on.

Ufos and Uaps

These are documented and verified by radar,visual,video audio, broken tech, missing time, and the list goes on.

government Involvement

Systematic denial ,red flag events, coverups,hostilities to witnesses and the list goes on.

How did we as a society become so secretive and tight lipped on all the strange and wonderful things out there.

Its almost like we stuck our collective head into the sand and the government took a backhoe and scooped us up only to bury us deeper with no hope of digging our way out

As a Wandering wizard of ill repute,     

 I have encountered many folks who have seen and witnessed many of the listed things of interest.

Military folks who have seen and heard of reports, and actually witnessed the impossible., ordinary folks who chase cryptids for a living and know where they are located and special people who have taken an interest in all these things and have the skills to set the data and gather the facts as they stand.

These folks ,in my eyes ,are the true hero's of the day ,who risk their professional reputation and personal financial health to follow leads and investigate claims.

They have brought out as much evidence as they can to the general masses .

With the Government involved in this ,It becomes risky to really poke around many of the mysteries. Even chasing bigfoot has government involvement

Ufos and uaps ,I understand.Military threat and all that

but Bigfoot?Mothman?Skinwalkers?

There is a reasonable belief that most governments have a secretive side that is directly involved with all these things and i don't need to tell anyone that they are not friendly, will not respect your rights,dont care about your feelings and have removed many obstacles by either threats or direct approach.

All the major governments.


As a wizard with years of research into many sci fi books that have created a feverish imagination,

I have done many views that have shown me who and what are behind some events

How the events unfold and energies involved

but the worst part is 

there is several groups behind the scenes and its there job to make sure the status quo is protected


I bet you didn't know my wizard hat is not only wrapped in the finest polyester but its tinfoil lined

on several views and completely blind, I have witnessed multiple individuals of non human origins and their crafts.

The human i did witness was a single person sitting at a desk and the feeling I got was a mixed bag of emotions and resignation .

On a personal note to this individual, if you ever read this since its your job to intervene. I am hoping that at some point you will make the right choices and life will allow you to be free of that desk,

An average remote viewer can pick up emotions and surrounding facts but wont be able to accurately describe them

If we can pick targets for our views and find pertinent information to confirm the existence and probability of anything ,we will be able to bypass the sad colonel? and verify many targets as well as get physical data

I can think of multiple events that left actual material that can be found for testing.


I need your help

a blind view can only be done with no information about the target.

If I have even the slightest foreshadowing of the event,all my data will be wrong since my raging imagination will take over.

Unless I find viewers to help me or have a tasker with sufficient skill to set me on an applicable target, the process of finding the actual evidence will be very hard.

Anyone who wishes to assist me in locating and actually finding data and material evidence on any of these subjects can reach me at

I will be working on different sections for cryptid and ufos/uaps/local tangible evidence.

Its not up yet and as slow as I type, it might take a while .


magus monstra invenire usquam
sunt realiter monstra


a wizard can find monsters anywhere
are they really monsters


If you have questions about an event or need an event looked at from a different perspective, drop me a line.

I wont question your target ,but i will look into that scary dark closet and give you the best description of just how many bright and shiny claws are waiting to make you fill out a form c-10 and triple post that filing after you send it to a non descript post office



To the unnamed government guy,

I really do hope the best for you.

Wandering Wizard of dubious distinction







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remote viewing/fun and adventure
remote viewing/fun and adventure

a short description of the fun i am having setting up a remote viewing company. the trials and troubles of a wannabe wizard and his unruly assistants

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