A wizard of low self esteem and his perilous journey to help a person with life


I can't help those who don't want help or think they don't need help.

I can't offer any goods or services to anyone who doesn't accept them


I can look at where they do need assistance.

Evaluate the the best possible adaptation of rendering aid.

Enhance the intangible.


A wizard and his trusty assistance can do more than offer words of comfort or meaningless platitudes.

Our combined energy output is growing with each day and we know the boundaries imposed by a closed society are meaningless.

When a fellow traveler is thrust into our realm of wonder

We have a decision

Do we offer aid or just ignore their pain and suffering.

While our combined financial endeavor is 0.

And the banks laugh at us when we come into the lobbies.

Our wealth and abilities far surpass any known earthly realm.


Our energies combined can heal.

Our visions can span eons and future events.

Our directives are clear.


Do what you can with what you have.

Leave no one behind.


A woeful wizard is a wonderful thing and the realm he lives in is an energy filled place of light and dark

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remote viewing/fun and adventure
remote viewing/fun and adventure

a short description of the fun i am having setting up a remote viewing company. the trials and troubles of a wannabe wizard and his unruly assistants

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