Life - Trial by fire

At the dawn of adulthood, a very rosy view of life greets us as we dream of conquering the world - full of bright hope and enthusiasm.

Real life however, rarely turns out to be as perfect as we imagined - with disappointments, struggles, heartbreaks, sorrow, grief....forming an inevitable part of life that wears us down.

The trick is to get through all the trials and tribulations that life throws at us - and still retain a sense of that hope and optimism that we felt at age sixteen. Life may put us down for a while but we get up and rise higher than before. So that we learn to be careful but not permanently despondent. To be cautious but not fearful. To become wiser but not cynical.

The day we accept life as hopeless and accept our lot as fated destiny - is the day we give up on life itself. It is this trial by fire which is almost a rite of passage that leads to success and more importantly - happiness.


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