Outta' Gas Original Improv in Bandon, Oregon

Outta' Gas Original Improv in Bandon, Oregon

By cwolfe211 | Relentless | 13 Nov 2019

  **Outta Gas** just jamming out a little improv in the beautiful little town of Bandon, Oregon.  We left, from Coos Bay, with nothing but faith in the tank.  We had set out to visit an amazing spot on the Oregon coast called Indian Sands.  I will be visiting, photographing, and writing about our visit tomorrow.  I also may take a couple of videos there, with some more music, perhaps.  While we were beginning our journey, only having made it about 30 miles, our vehicle started shuttering, making it clear to me that we were in great need of transmission fluid.  I also found that the exhaust manifold (which was rattling beneath our '95 windstar that we got for $300 bucks) was sagging badly.  It was now, slouching, to the extent that the engine was beginning to gargle it's own exhaust.  My imagination was visualizing all these issues, like objects, sitting on top of the arm of my gas gauge as it sunk to the bottom of the red line. 

    I pulled over in the parking lot of a Ray's food place and walked around the neighborhood, looking for some kind of wire to hoist up the exhaust.  With this done, at least, it would stop trying to choke to death.  A nice, elderly gentleman, who owned some sort of flower garden (which had, posted, "Please Don't Pee On My Flowers!" all around the property) offered me some bailing wire.  I returned to the van and crawled around in the parking lot until I got the exhaust issue fixed.  We ended up finding a place to park for the rest of the night and slept for a few hours.

  After, or maybe it would be better expressed as 'during', our short rest, a police officer approached our vehicle and began knocking on the window.  He explained to us that we could not, "camp out," in our vehicle at the location which we had parked.  He asked for identification, ran our names, and returned to the vehicle to return our ID's.  I proceeded to ask him where the nearest public restroom was.  He was rather accommodating, directing us to some local businesses that were down below.  He even suggested a treeline around the corner for me if I was in a state of urgency.

  To shorten this up a little, an amazing woman by the name of, Liza, who owns a business called, "By the Sea Gardens," sent a man named Geoff from her company to bring us three quarts of transmission fluid.  He took time out of his very busy day to do not only this, but afterwards, he led us to there companies private gas station and they filled up our tank from running on fumes, to topped off full!  We will always be incredibly grateful for this and I don't want to forget to write a positive article for their business as well.  Their business has a wide range of specialized quality work focusing primarily, but not limited to, home decor, carpentry, landscaping, and full on construction.

  The content of this video was taken during the time when I was waiting to see if my friend, Liza, was going to be able to help us or not.  I made no money busking for 15 minutes but I was fortunately interrupted with that great news!  I guess I'm just hoping that those of you who read and view what I am sharing will enjoy it. 

  I feel that blockchain technology has limitless potential, and if I can use it to fuel my desire to travel and experience new things, I would love to take you all with me!  I want you to taste every delicious bite of new food I eat and have your eyes filled with the wonders that I also behold.  I am, so openly grateful for my simple existence.  I believe that this universe, of infinite potential, is brimming with an endless sea of gifts that surges against only the dam of our own non-acceptance.  Personally, I have had quite a bit of hardship in my life.  As of now, I am more than ready to do some gift accepting! :D 

   ...and the universe did provide today!  I am now at a library, about 10-15 miles north of my destination, in Gold Beach, Oregon.  A great deal better off than when my girl and I were awoken by that Bandon police officer!  I hope you all enjoy.  Follow, tip, and stay tuned and I will keep writing and sharing new things as often as I can!  Tomorrow should be Indian Sands day, if not some tonight and then again in the morning. 

  Indian Sands' gorgeous, red, sand dunes sit precariously, but not without prestige, on the side of a cliff that drops off hundreds of feet into the deep and powerful Pacific Ocean.  The chalky spray of the tormented waves, glistens in the sun, as the wave-crests break and explode with incredible power, high over the rocks.  If it is the right season, a person can watch the watery eruptions of entire whale families, far out in the water, as they swim and play.  Their geyser-like emissions, superimposed against the blue sky beyond the beautiful, natural, rock arches.  Created by time and the great power of the Pacific, these arches could be mistaken for gateways to Atlantis.  So come follow me and join me tomorrow!  I appreciate each and every one of you that gives me support!  Thank you, for reading,   

    Jonathan Caleb Williams


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