More Pi? When Will Pi Be Worth Real Money? How Much Will It Be Worth?
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More Pi? When Will Pi Be Worth Real Money? How Much Will It Be Worth?

By cwolfe211 | Relentless | 3 Dec 2019


This article is a follow up from an article that I previously posted about Pi from STELLAR (XLM) I have been receiving some questions in my Pi chatroom as well as on Publish0x regarding Pi and it's future.

These questions are completely understandable and have led me into writing this article.

Alright, so here comes some vital answers to some important questions. If you are not yet acquainted with Pi and have not started mining it yet on your smart phone you can view my introductory article here: WTF IS Pi!?!.

What am I going to be able to do with my Pi?

  • STELLAR intends to use Pi in a number of exciting ways. They plan to develop platforms for selling goods and services (real and digital) amongst Pi users.
  • If you begin building your community on Pi now, you will likely have a headstart on marketing your untapped talents, goods and services using Pi in the future.
  • It will eventually be tradable on all major crypto exchanges. So, you will be able to sell it for other crypto or for fiat currency.
  • It plans to work alongside with developers to help them promote and sell their Dapps using the Pi platform.

When will Pi be worth money and how much will it be worth?

The speed at which Pi can be mined will reduces by half every time the number of it's members increases by 10 times. This will be exponential. At 10 members, the possible mining rate of Pi was reduced by half. At 100, it halved again. It did the same at 1,000. At 10,000, 100,000 and now at 1 Million. Pi currently has over 1.25 million users.

When it reaches 5M users, a board of Pi will be formed from the project's largest contributors and project leaders/developers. Once the board is formed, Pi will go live on testnet to work out any problems or bugs and prepare it's features for the mainnet.

When the testnet phase is complete and Pi is ready for mainnet, it will hit the secondary market and it will be worth money.

At 10M users, the mining rate will once again be cut down by half. When Pi reaches 100M members, the mining rate will slow significantly It may even cease completely.

As Pi becomes more scarce and it's features become more developed, its members will also increase. This should cause the scaling and increase in the value of each Pi.

So what should we do?

Mine all the Pi you can while the mining rate is high, of course! They are getting more rare by the second! Get your friends to mine with you! The bigger your mining circle the faster that you can each mine Pi!!

If you want to learn more about Pi, visit the link towards the top of this article and check out my introductory article.

If you just want to start mining now just use this link and use, relentless211 as your invitation code!!

Let's have a slice of Pi!! (make sure to use relentless211 as your invitation code)

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