Adventures in Investing - Part 6 - Taking a moment

It’s been a busy few weeks getting started both on here and the crypto world in general. Work has also been incredibly busy and also a little depressing when teachers don’t bother to respond to a job offer after going through an interview and reference checks. I often read of teachers complaining I never hear back from schools after applying/ being interviewed. I always reply and let people know the result, whether it is a sorry you were not successful or congratulations... It does take time but I feel that is a common curtesy, still I am disappointed when people don’t bother to respond to a job but I take solace in the idea that if they can’t be bothered to reply then maybe they were not really suitable to join my school and be a good role model for the children.


It’s currently the May holiday here in China and we are currently spending some time in Santa, Hunan province- beautiful beaches, delicious food and time away from normal life and pressures so I can spend time with what is important- my family. Of course that brings pressures too with a 17 year old step daughter who wants to dress in short skirts and bikinis- had to do the daddy stare at a couple of young boys who seemed to be taking an interest lol. My youngest daughter has now swam in the sea and is able to just float by herself with her buoyancy aid keeping her afloat. It was a gradual process of fist grabbing hold of me tightly, to just holding both hands, then one hand and finally letting go and floating by herself. Moments like these are important and I will always treasure them. So for the next few days it is rest and recuperation before returning to the fray.


Stay safe everyone and have a good week!

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Relax,Meditate or Sleep
Relax,Meditate or Sleep

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Relax, Meditate or Sleep with Crypto Dad

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