Adventures in Investing Part 4- But I don't like pancakes


Growing up in the UK - eating pancakes was a tradition every Easter time. I used to enjoy the ones my mum made for us with lemon and sugar. As I got older either I or my ex wife made them until one time she decided to make pancakes every day for 2 weeks which then put me off them for life- or so I thought ...

I mistakenly sent $50 USDC to my Trust wallet a couple of days ago. I say mistakenly as I thought I could use them to buy some Nexo coins cheaper than using the Nexo website itself. Turns out I the only thing I can swap USDC coins for is ethereum and to to do that costs another $25 to do. I looked at sending the coins back to my Nexo account- that was also going to cost me over $30 to do. I was stuck.

Until that is I heard about pancakeswap. I had read a little about it from some other blogs here and so I decided to take a look. I first of all was told I need to connect my wallet and I was really pleased to see the Trust wallet was one of the ones I could connect. I tried but immediately encountered an error code. After several failures and time spent researching I found I could I could select WalletConnect and scan a QR code using my Trust wallet. I had finally solved the first hurdle!



Looking at the website further I saw I could do farming, staking and more importantly use these $50 stuck in my trust wallet by exchanging them for something else.

I tried to do this but found that although the wallet was connected it wasn't showing the USDC coins in there. I wanted to swap some of them for CAKE which sounded delicious and also for RELI which is a new crypto coin being started- more information about this to come soon (once I have written it and fully understand it).

The connection to the Trust wallet kept on dropping several times (I think it was more to do with my internet connection) but each time the $50 was showing up. More research was needed.

So for the moment, I still don't like pancakes and in the meantime until I work out what the problem is I'll rely on Scrooge Macduck to keep earning me satoshis and litecoin to make up for the $50 I have stuck- at least I know this site works and it's instant payout although the amounts build up incredibly slowly.

Please click here to the blog post with referral links to the websites I am using to make money.  Any other suggestions/support would also be gratefully received.

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