Adventure in Investing Part 8- Mining with StormGain

Hi all, I thought it might be of interest for those people who are thinking about trading to hear how I have started. I have experience of trading in the stock market but no real experience trading in crypto currency. Stormgain alllows you to mine using their servers which you then exchange into US Tether and are able to trade with - any profit you make is able to be withdrawn. They also have training videos explaining the process.


Now I am looking for long term investments, but free money to play with and if I make a profit I am able to keep, sounds like fun.  They offer a leveraging service which I completely stay away from as although you can make big profits using leverage you can also make big losses (basically you are borrowing money to get more stock- you get charged interest on this extra and have to pay it back when you sell or buy - depending on whether you go short or long). So I generally have around 10$ to play with at any one time. I set a 3$ stop loss and around a 3$ profit target and look at the signals which Stormgain show as to whether to go long or short. After a couple of plays I take the profit - convert it into a crypto of my choosing (at the moment its ETH) and then carry on playing with my stake money until I lose it. During this time I am continuing to mine to get another 10$ of stake money. (You have to restart mining every 4 hours until you get 10$ of BTC to play with)


Stormgain does have a simulator which you can also use and gives you an imaginary 150,000$ to play with.. You can use the leveraging there to see what would happen if it was real money :hyperwaow:


So if you don't have any money to play with for trading this is a fun way to do it with no risk if you do it correctly. DOn't leverage unless you really know what you are doing and are prepared to make big losses as well. I see this 10$ as play money I never really had so I don't mind if I lose it.

Please click here to the blog post with referral links to the websites I am using to make money.  Any other suggestions/support would also be gratefully received.

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