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The Financial Freedom Part 4 - Funding Your Own Bankless Bank

By Teodor | Reitis Community Network | 18 Apr 2022

Hello, Publish0x Community! It's been a while since I've published here article series on Financial Freedom. For about one year I was only commenting on many good articles pulished by authors. But I am back now, in force :) The previous articles on this important topic for all of us are: 

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Why I've strated this series on living bankless or creating your own bank? About 7 years ago - owning a construction company - I was treatened very bad by banks so I gave up to getting funds (in form of loans) from them. Since 2013 I already was using with Bitcoin and, for the first time in 2015, I’ve downloaded a set of smartphone apps that effectively do everything a bank does, and I never needed to walk into a bank branch again! 

The idea of a digital bankless future hit my mind and then Reitis Project was born! Working in construction and real estate, I was looking to find a way to tokenise our actual business. We started by creating a secutiry token for offering equity (dividends) but soon realised that there is not much interest in such financial instrument, even if it's created by using blockchain technology. Then we've decided to go DeFi (decentralised finance) and our project’s idea was the answer to this question: “What would happen if a DeFi blockchain real estate project was run by its Community?”

To answer it, we have started the rEvolution (Real Estate Evolution), away from rigid financial structures and traditional mind-set concerning the finances and the real estate investment. Today, we have a big advantage of living in an era of two powerful realities, the technology and decentralisation!  Anyone, can use these realities to the way of financial freedom, in many forms, and I will present it here the way we've created as the response to problems we had with banks. 

We've have generically named this new business the „Real Estate Corporation of People“ (RECoP) to provide a convenient global opportunity for empowering people to become real estate owners and get the deserved financial freedom. 

Disclaimer: This is a financial advice, so be careful what and how you invest in it, it's all your responsibility and freedom to join or not to join the rEvolution, by following the steps described below. 

7 Steps to a Bankless Banking Life and Financial Freedom We All Deserve

The 7 steps you should follow to invest in your wealth, despite the economic downturns and political turmoil: 

Enter into decentralised finance and real estate by tokenisation. We’ve made it easy for you with XREI DeFi token. Learn it well reading the Whitepaper (26 pag.) or Manifesto (8 pag.) 

Join our Reitis DeFi Group to get used with real estate investment and the tokenisation. Reitis is the place where the digital world and DeFi protocols meet the real estate actual world! 

Join the DeFi Platform and get used with DeFi in real estate by acquiring XREI tokens. Also, meet the first in the world decentralised trading system "Reitis Trading Expert Adviser" (RTEA), and earn passive (doing nothing) income with high profits, min. 100% per year. 


With this money you can live well splitting 50% for daily life needs, and 50% investing in properties on the real estate investment platform by registering soon on our crowdfunding platform, or by using XREI to buy actual properties through real estate NFTs on the DeFi platform (#3). 

Watch your profits growing fairly fast comparing to other forms of investment, until you will be able to acquire a whole NFT apartment across Europe or on an Exotic Island where Reitis builds dream houses, much faster than if you borrow money from a bank. 


Enjoy financial freedom! Continue to get XREI tokens, to benefit from its grow and from important discounts through buying real and virtual NFT apartments, listed soon on DeFi platform.


By giving you’ll achieve! (N. Steinhardt). Give back to Reitis Social partners to help disadvantaged children, unemployed and unhoused people.

About Reitis
Reitis is a place where the digital world meets the real estate actual world! A combination of genuine real estate construction sites linked to blockchain technology and decentralised finance (DeFi) protocols. We believe that people around the world should be empowered to own tokens in real estate and to participate in this unique moments in history, the new form of capitalism. We’ve named it shared capitalism, where anyone can build her/his own real estate business. 


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Strong Faith, Christian family man and entrepreneur, deeply involved in finances and sustainable real estate development.

Reitis Community Network
Reitis Community Network

Join the rEvolution! By fully tokenising our business and creating Reitis Community Network, people around the world have easy access to properties and affordable housing. Anyone can partner for further development of sustainable projects in their area of residence. You'll be surprised by what you'll learn!

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