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People’s Style of Building a House

By Teodor | Reitis Community Network | 23 Nov 2020

I am a house builder since ancient times, started about 55 years ago and still building new sustainable homes or renovating old ones today. During over half of century I have met all kind of home builders and workers, from excellent professionals to stupid workers. I am presenting below some of those behaviors :) 

In the Design Phase 

the design phase of building a house
You make a sketch, then erase everything and start to build without a plan and blueprint. The result? Quite different than expected... usually a much bigger house than you need and costs are at least double!

Classical Style 

Classical style of buiding

You build brick plus concrete heavy construction, a large house for the whole family... then children grow up and leave! You stick to eat cold walls, to clean large surfaces of dust, then wonder: what a stupid big house I have built! 

Modern House Building Style 

Modern style of building

You make a plan and want to build a modern and comfortable house, but building the house costs too much (Budget is huge), so that, before completing the project, you are indebted to the banks for a lifetime! 

Postmodern Style

The postmodern ssyle of building a house

The postmodern trend: almost everything is DIY – you make plans on your computer and... they remain there! No budget to hire a contractor, no way to make it on your own!

Construction 3D Printing Style

3D printing construction style

In order to launch your house project and take it out from the computer, we come with our robotic 3D printer. We are able to build your house in 24 hours! No more waste of time and materials, and you get an affordable postmodern house. 

The Blockchain Building Style

3D printing construction style

For people who don't have time to build a house, but would like to own a fraction or entire property, we have created BRECoP - the First Blockchain Real Estate Corporation of People - for empowering people through Fractional Property Ownership (FPO) and through a Passive Income Investment Plan (PIIP).



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