Bitcoin shouldn't be compared to the fiat currencies anymore!

By Teodor | Circular Economy Projects | 11 Apr 2020

I have mentioned in my previous article "Will Bitcoin Survive the 2020+ Financial Crisis?" that Bitcoin is not backed but compared to the fiat currencies (euro, dollar, etc.).

After writing that article, I proposed to my good friend Gabriel, aka "The Blockchain Buddy", to create a platform similar to CoinGecko or Coinmarketcap, but to have cryptocurrencies related/compared not to Dollar but to something else!

It could be Gold, Silver, Real Estate, Reforestation, or even the Sky, Heaven, or the Moon, but not fiat money, as they are pumping and inflating traditional currencies so much this days!?

Please brainstorm your entire soul and give me an idea 💡 to what to relate and with what to compare bitcoin and altcoins, and we will start creating together with you all this new project, let's name it the Blockchain Cryptocurrency Market Cap!

What do you think 🤔 

For your FFF, financial freedom forever! 


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