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The value of our interrelationship


The value of friendship comes to the fore especially when we are going through a situation where it is impossible for us to generate solutions on our own. Where we need someone else, where it is someone else who can do something for us.

Many times we feel autonomous and think that we can do everything without needing someone else, but in the turn of events of life, although we do not notice it, we are always in a situation of dependence, thanks to someone else we enjoy the water that we receive in our homes by pipe, we move from one place to another thanks to someone else who has contributed with his work so that we can get on public transportation, our communications are possible thanks to someone who works on it day by day, this and much more gives us a general perspective of things, but also looking at what is close to us we can notice all the contribution of our family: the clean clothes thanks to mom, the rich breakfast of that sweet woman who patiently and lovingly gives us that first meal, even the necessary support of a loved one when we are sick or going through a bad time.


Although some people may say: I can do it alone, without any doubt, even in the apparent fact of doing it alone, certainly someone else participated to make it possible. If for example you are one of those people who prepare your own breakfast, surely some of the things you have used to prepare it were not made by your hands: the pan or the pot in which you cook, or the cutlery with which you bring the food to your mouth, or everything that has participated in that culinary art, surely someone else grew it, someone else harvested it and someone else put it in the store where it was bought. Even if you were a farmer, there will always be something on your table that was raised or grown by someone else.


So, reflecting on all this, we understand that it is imperative for us to be humble in our way of living, because we are part of each other, even if there are some who do not want to recognize it. We need each other.

Once my Facebook account was blocked, although I tried different methods to unblock it, I did not get good results, this process took me to the step where you can ask for help from friends, and although I did not get much help from them, because most of them probably thought it was a hacker who was trying to do his thing, this experience led me to reflect on our participation in the lives of others and at the same time on how likely we are to actually interact with others. Sometimes we say hello or give a "like", but how much do we know or make ourselves known. In this order of ideas we realize that our circle of friends can be very limited or practically nonexistent. And it is not for less, it is more frequent than we think, even among family, some people can get to know more things about their favorite star than about the members of their own family. Maybe these quarantine days are changing those things a bit.

I value my mother's love.
I value my father's teaching.
I value the warm words of a friend.
I value the instruction of my teachers.
I value everything that facilitates the good work of my hands to put bread on the table.
I value the work of all those who contribute to make my life better.
I value the love of God that makes this and everything else possible.


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