Coping With Death

By kinchai | Reflections | 21 Sep 2019

Death is not an easy topic to breach...nor is it any easy thing to accept, more so if the person who died is someone you are very close to, may not exactly be a relative or a loved one, but someone you feel a certain connection to...


But death is an inevitable part of life, no matter how we try to avoid it, cheat it, sooner or later we will all come face to face with it... it can be sooner rather than later and most of use prays for it to be later but come it will.


I recently went to a wake, we rushed since the body was going to be brought to the province and if we didn't go then, we wouldn't have the chance to see the dead anymore... The family was grieving, you can see their eyes puffy from lack of sleep and perhaps even tears but it is good to see them in good spirits, laughing, reminiscing about the good ol' days they spent with their dead relative, remembering the good times but pausing every now and then to control emotions and try to accept the fact.


Being there, seeing how the family has coped with this death makes me hopeful... that people are still able to see the good in a bad situation. I don't see them blaming the Lord for this mishap, they are sad that he was taken away so young that he still had a lot of steam left in him so to speak, but they are accepting and looking forward to moving on...


I also learned of the family's story and learned who the people there were, it is weird how they are able to be civil and just accept that they are all there to pay respects to the dead when you realize that during "normal" times they would have been at each other's throats... but seeing them come together during this time is really a revelation


I learned a bit during this wake and I realized that indeed there is still good in this world and that good can still come out of the bad and that we should always choose to look at the bright side rather than wallow in the darkness...


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