What is Statera (another MyStatera Project)

- So, What is Statera?

- Yes, what is it?

- Very simple, it is an Ethereum Smart Contract Deflationary Token!

- So what?

- So what, what?

- What is it Statera?

- It is an Ethereum Smart Contract Deflationary Token.

- ???!???

- It’s seem you are a little confused!

- Just a little?

- A little more?

- Well, leave me the chance to make some questions cause until now you have been not so clear!

- Ask and I will answer.

- Is it Statera a hole where sand sink?

b88bbd170c385a6cae7318b8f1c45d5a0efb38e3675dfcc4ec9095930b0ce464.jpeg- No, but you consider Statera tokens as sand grains. Their number is not infinite and when a transaction is finished some of them sink in the hole and they cannot come back neither they can be mined: they are lost in the wind of cryptouniverse.

- So, if I have some Statera tokens and complete a transaction, then I have less Statera tokens than before?

- Yes, it is a deflationary token. Every transaction burns tokens.

- Burns tokens?

- Yes, it is a funny way to say that tokens are subtracted from the pool of the ecosystem.

- The pool? The ecosystem? Something like this one?

49fd7804a96ea4e6e7ca638f50090e17988551825d4cfaae77572b0586bf6281.jpeg- Not just like that but in a similar way. If you buy Statera Tokens they jump in the pool. Imagine the white grain as Statera Tokens, the glassy ones are Bitcoins, light brown ones are ETHs,…

- So they have different colors that all together can harmonize the global perspective of the pool: a bright, shiny, balanced set of assets that reflects the sunny light.

- Yes, that is the purpose: to balance the risk.

- ... ???!!!??? I am not sure to have all comprehended. I think it's good to go to Publish0x to read some other posts. You are not so clear.

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I am Italian, over 50, interested in many things: geology, science fiction and cryptos

Reflections about the past, the future and the now
Reflections about the past, the future and the now

Observing what's happen around us: trying to unpuzzling what is puzzling

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