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What is luckiness? By asking this question to a thousand people, we would probably get a thousand different answers, or maybe more.

We often define luck by comparing different persons, with different lives, different stories, different pasts, and maybe different futures.

During the lockdown, I felt very lucky as I could go outside in the garden, not a big one but always a piece of ground where I could (and I can) take a short walk outdoor.


I am feeling lucky when I can search for some strawberries without having to go to the market (really 0 Km strawberries).


I am feeling lucky because I have not to mow all the lawn as some grass has been replaced by wild strawberry plants and a part of the garden looks like a real forest...


a mini-forest at some steps from the front door.


I am feeling lucky as I have access to someone else's garden to pick strawberries, salad and other vegetables and fruits.


Not so much but sufficient.


Waiting for the next ripening (raspberries).



All images were taken by me with the smartphone camera.


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I am Italian, over 50, interested in many things: geology, science fiction and cryptos

Reflections about the past, the future and the now
Reflections about the past, the future and the now

Observing what's happen around us: trying to unpuzzling what is puzzling

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