Cutting off the trading chain - The fruit chain (episode 2)

I have already written about buying fruits (when it is possible) directly from the farmer in another post

Yesterday I got my time to continue in my attempt to cut off the trading chain and went for another bargain finding (a bargain for me and for the producer too). 

Here are the images of my purchase.

It is time for apples and pears. There are 5 varieties of apples and only one (it was my choice) of pears.


The three green apples are considered "Frutti antichi" (ancient fruits). They belong to a variety called "Lavina" that is not produced in great quantities nowadays as it considered "not so commercial" as it is not so nice to see, but in the past, they were grown more as they were more resistant plants.


Pears belonging to the variety "Decana". They show some marks caused by a hailstorm.


These belong to one of my favorite varieties of apple (Steinman). They also show some marks caused by a hailstorm.


Total for two pear crates (more than 6 kgs): 3 Euros.

Total for two apple crates (more than 7 kgs): 5 Euros.

All the pictures were taken by me with a 5 MPx camera.






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Reflections about the past, the future and the now
Reflections about the past, the future and the now

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