LIONS SHARE is already running on etherscan.

LIONS SHARE is already running on etherscan.

By delmosa | Refer & Earn | 15 Jul 2020


LIONS SHARE It is a decentralized platform that allows multiplying income, they use a mathematical algorithm and run on the Ethereum platform as a smart Contract, they are secure systems since it is backed by the Blockchain, with no expiration date of the levels, with infinite cycles at all levels, and automated re-investments.

It is very similar to its predecessors FORSAGE, MILLION MONEY, DOUBLEWAY

But its creators say they have more advanced features

To enter the platforms it is required to reserve your space with $ 10 (approximately) in Ethereum in your account or Metamask or Trust Wallet

   Link to the official website

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You must make your investment look for 2 or more referrals, so that they enter directly into your structure, below them, and make the same investment as you.

Remember to buy the ascending levels so that you do not lose any profit.

With this done you will have already recovered twice the investment and you will be able to increase your level, promote it among your friends and anyone who wants to earn some money

There are several levels, and the more you level up the more earnings you generate, by referral commissions that enter the structure either directly or by referrals from your referrals

I hope this review will help you

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