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Maximize your return as a crypto trader with this advice

By reevofev | reevofev | 5 Feb 2021

Let's face it, we're not all CEO's of Greyscale Bitcoin Trust. We "deplorables" must be smarter about where we allocate our funds to maximize our return. As a rabid crypto addict I too occasionally curse the rich bastards that toss around 100k like it's a strip club. You know who I'm talking about - just look at the transactions for some of these coins and token pairs in any order book or DeFi exchange. It's bananas. 

However, all is not lost my brothers. We just have to operate differently.

Listen to these tips and watch your gains multiply.



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You're not a heavy-weight.


Boxers are well aware of their appropriate weight class and thrive as a result. Manny Pacquiao would never SNIFF fighting Mike Tyson in his prime, and he doesn't act otherwise. Instead, he masters his reality and perfects his natural gifts. 

The same applies with trading. 

I have 0 BTC in my portfolio. Why? Because I know my "weight class". Thus, I target coins that are dirt cheap with high upside. In other words, be aware of your spending power and invest in crypto assets accordingly. Everyone has a different portfolio according to his/her own unique needs.

Cardano (ADA) is 7th in overall marketcap ($14.6B), has been on an absolute tear, yet is STILL only $.46 a coin! Polkadot (DOT), the only real competition to Eth at the moment, is shockingly still trading in the $20 range. Then the fact that Chainlink (LINK) hasn't truly had a real bullish run yet is bewildering to say the least.

These are the types of crypto assets in which I make my bread and butter. Even Eth is starting to get a bit out of my target range, though at this point I have enough to justify it. 

If you're buying BTC in chunks of anything less than $500 you should stop and reassess your strategy. You won't win that way. Get the most value possible out of your investments and you will truly be rewarded. The big boys get the most value out of low-risk/low-ceiling investments like Bitcoin - on account of the gajillions they handle. Unlike Ethereum, Polkadot, and Chainlink - BTC has no applicational use past existing solely as a store of value. 



crypto altcoins bitcoin crypto trading ethereum



KISS (Keep it Simple Stupid!)


Rome wasn't conquered in a day, don't expect to be a millionaire within the first month.

Simplicity. Is. Key. 

I invest in ONE cryptocurrency at a time. For the past 2-3 months or so I've ravenously consumed everything I could about Ethereum. I'd watch it's chart all day and apply ever indicator I could. I read every news story  and monitored social media like a hawk.  I was literally soul bonded with Eth. You become synced with whatever your burning passion manifests as - this is when intuition kicks in.

Like I've said before, EVERYONE should be monitoring on-chain analytics daily. For weeks article after article was being published reporting that Ethereum's liquid supply was at all time record lows, while simultaneously millions of ether were flowing out of exchanges into investors wallet's. All throughout January I patiently made several entries waiting for that bubble to finally burst. These past couple days I had a weird feeling it would make it's move at the beginning of the week, and I dumped quite a bit more into it.

The rest is history. 

But that wouldn't have happened if I wasn't completely obsessive over everything Ethereum. Choose your target's carefully and intelligently, and know their inside's and out like the back of your hand. 




crypto altcoins bitcoin crypto trading ethereum



Tune your trading windows.


What goes up must come down, and getting in at the right time is only half the battle. This is where sticking to your trading philosophy really comes into play. Are you a short-mid term trader? Long-term? Or maybe a mixture of both? Be 100% sure and knowledgeable about every single step of your trades. Prepare ahead of time for what your loss tolerance may be. Honestly in this market though, I wouldn't bail on anything just because it may be having a bad week/month. As long as it's not XRP, the general crypto market trend is red hot and pointed straight up.

Be confident and self assured about your exits. So what if you miss out on that extra $100-200 worth of profits. Move on to the next opportunity and approach it with the same vigor as the one prior. 




crypto altcoins bitcoin crypto trading ethereum



Go easy on yourself.


We tend to get lost in the sauce a bit when it comes to analyzing charts and implementing indicators. Really all it takes to succeed at trading is having a foundational trading philosophy and sticking to your plan. You have to trust that you've slaved over enough research and put in the effort to make the best possible trade you can. Second guessing only leads to chaos, trust me. 

Keep it simple. Relax, take a deep breath. The crypto market is still in its infancy and you should have no FOMO, for we still have 5-10 more years before this market matures into the beast it was truly meant to be.



crypto altcoins bitcoin crypto trading ethereum







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