XYO on its way to the moon. It's not too late to get in on it. Sign up for CoinApp now!

XYO went to the Moon over the last few weeks. Why isn't anyone talking about it?

By Red State Blues | Red State Blues | 6 Apr 2021

The Coin App is a simple enough concept, you download the app, make an account, and collect the in-app currency COIN for activities such as geomining your given location, answering surveys, checking in at partner businesses, scanning barcodes of certain items on sale in stores, etc. 

XYO is well on its way to the Moon. Why aren't more people talking about it?

You can sign-up here to start earning right away: 

Start Earning COIN for your location data

In many ways, the CoinApp can be compared to PokemonGo for Crypto enthusiasts. 

Similar to PokemonGo, Coin rewards users movement by giving rewards for more Geoclaims

For less casual XYO enthusiast, the COIN App also sells companion devices such as: 

The SentinelX BLE - a small keychain device that uses Bluetooth Low Energy technology to help verify your location authenticity and couples to multiply your earnings for Geomining. 

The Keychain Sentinel BLE allows users to get up to 12x rewards

SentinelX NFC - a small credit card sized device that uses Near-field Communication technology to help verify your location authenticity. 

The piece of the puzzle I can't place, is why there have not been more conversations about the rise of XYO. 16,000 XYO tokens in my wallet for months went from about $4 in early January, to worth nearly $200 by late March. Thanks to the very lively XYO community on Reddit, it's plain to see how many true believers in this project are cheering on its success. 

XYO had an incredible rise recently, and it's only the beginning.

The fact that XYO gained so much, so quickly, yet was virtually ignored by most crypto-media and influencers is just proof of how much further this asset has to go before truly breaking into the mainstream. I'm holding until XYO breaks $1 a coin and I can use an XYO powered DApp instead of GoogleMaps or Waze! 

Join the GeoClaim Gang Today with COIN

Thank you for reading - I hope you take the time to check out the CoinApp and see if it fits in with your liking. HODL strong my friends! 


PS - To withdraw your XYO from COIN, I would highly recommend using KuCoin, as it will allow you to easily convert XYO to USD. Check out KuCoin here: 

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