Learn & Earn is changing the game, less about the giveouts and more about the value of wide exposure and usage.

The Importance of Learn & Earns for the Future of Crypto - Why you should share them with your Family and Friends - And How to Make Money Doing So

By Red State Blues | Red State Blues | 12 Mar 2021

It's no secret that I am a fan of learn and earn programs for cryptocurrencies. I like free money as much as the next guy, but that is not the main reason I evangelize the importance of these players in the market, the truth is that Learn & Earns are one of the best tools for introducing crypto to new people, and considerably more effective at retaining those users as reliable crypto investors going forward. 

CoinMarketCap's Learn and Earn is Open to those outside the US

Like many of you, I raced to share my Coinbase Earn link as soon as I had finished the quizzes myself. I had my partner sign up, and while I was happy to get the referral, I realized that she was highly engaged with the videos and took away all the information the videos aimed to convey. Going forward, she felt more confident investing in the assets she had that relationship with, she felt knowledgeable about the assets and it drove her to continue learning more and more about the industry. To even casual investors, the learn & earn is a fantastic opportunity to give the an excuse to finally set up an account on Coinbase or another exchange. 

Coinbase Earn is most users first Intro to the Model, but MANY others also offer it

Other companies, such as CoinMarketCap and CoinList also offer similar Learn & Earn Experiences to that of Coinbase

CoinList is another Exchange boosting the Learn & Earn Trend

While I admire greatly what these companies have done, I feel that Earnathon has truly pushed the model forward. Rather than being an exchange using the Learn & Earn to coax new users into making accounts, Earnathon is a lean, mean, Learn & Earn machine. The platform is solely devoted to progressing the learn & earn model. It is free for all users and customers, in fact, they can earn a good amount using Earnathon (at least $20 if you Sign-up Here!) - but Learn & Earn is a true Win-Win-Win for the cryptomarket. Users learn something and earn currency, crypto projects get wider exposure and begin building bonds with investors, and the company is able to encourage more crypto projects to give it a try. This cycle will continue growing the market overall and giving new investors some basic knowledge before they make a mistake that could otherwise convince them to abandon crypto permanently. 

Earnathon is an experiment I am watching closely and believe it will soon be a major point of entry for new Crypto Investors

Check out Earnathon Here - Share with friends and families so they can claim at least $20 now and more for each new project! 

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