Get Rich The Lazy (and Patient) Way!

Put Your Crypto Portfolio on Autopilot! - The Patient Crypto Investor's Strategy - DeFi, Staking, and how to Optimize your Assets to Earn for You

By Red State Blues | Red State Blues | 7 Apr 2021

I have been a highly active crypto investor for years, yet I am now moving all of my assets to pools as I prepare to go back to school and scale down my trading activity. 

Don't Miss out on ways to grow your wealth. Check out DeFi and Pools

Recognizing that I don't want to check my various portfolios daily when I am in Law School, I began investigating the best option to put my crypto away and earn interest for myself. 

I am very happy to say that between Coinbase, Voyager, Gemini, and Cake Pool, all of my crypto assets are now actively earning me interest. Barring a major soar, or devastating crash, I plan to essentially set and forget my crypto assets for at least the next year and change. 

Unless You Are Ready to Manage Investments Daily, A Staking Pool is for you

I started investing in crypto through Coinbase, so naturally it was my main exchange. But as I learned more about crypto and decided on my own priorities, I began searching for other platforms that would allow me to allocate my existing portfolio so that every single one of my assets is generating interest. 

Coinbase is the Standard for Cryptotrading and the most common point of entry

On Coinbase, I am now earning income via staking from ALGO, ETH (launching wide soon!), XTZ, and ATOM. - Sign-up here: 

Gemini has a very wide array of staking and earning options

On Gemini, I am taking full advantage of Earn and holding LTC, FIL, DAI, BTC, and UNI - Sign-up here: 

Despite some customer service delays, I have been very impressed with Voyager

On Voyager, I am receiving staking rewards for holding Cardano (ADA) - Sign-up here:  

BlockFi is a market leader in staking pools

On BlockFi, I am earning from my LINK and BUSD - Sign-up here:

Cake is my personal favorite and has yielded fantastic results for my assets.

Finally, on Cake Pool, I am earning from staking DASH, BTC, and DFI - I am also earning considerable interest via Liquidity Mining for BTC/DFI and LTC/DFI Liquidity Mining is a very interesting concept to me and an option I plan to take more advantage of before I leave my portfolio on autopilot for a significant amount of time. - Sign-up Here: 

If you can fight the itch, leaving your assets in a liquidity mining pool long term will yield big

While there is a lot left for me to learn and a long way to go before I reach my investment goals, it feels good knowing that I am now earning passive gains through my various assets. Based on your own needs, goals, and plans - other DeFi and staking pools will be better suited for you. This is my set up as of now, but I am always on the hunt for better options. Let me know if you have suggestions! 


Thank you for reading! 

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Red State Blues
Red State Blues

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Red State Blues
Red State Blues

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