Tokenizing a recording of the first Bach cello suite allemande along with original album artwork

Audio NFT - Bach Cello Suite #1: Allemande

By tych0_21 | Recording Corner | 20 Apr 2021

The following recording is of me performing the Allemande of the first cello suite written by Johann Sebastian Bach. This recording was made on 4/20/2021.

The accompanying vector illustration is a piece that I made to serve as album art and includes images of the sheet music I used in the making this recording.

This piece is now available on my NFT Showroom gallery using the platform's new audio NFT format.


Bach Cello Suite #1 - Allemande:


Sound & Color S.1 Allemande.png

tych0_21 · Sound And Color - Bach Suite 1 Allemande





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Recording Corner
Recording Corner

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