Digital Asset Management - new eBook
Risk pyramid

Digital Asset Management - new eBook

By AlexanderBradley | Recession ready? | 23 Feb 2020

If you don't have a management strategy for your crypto portfolio, I made this eBook for you:

Solid and safe strategies for new comers.

Excerpt - example of risk control


Crypto risk pyramid

Straight forward, to the point, immediately actionable strategy for solid digital wealth management. Software and resources are provided, including:

  • Trading software
  • Portfolio management software
  • Cold wallet redundancy
  • Exchange analysis
  • Transaction analysis
  • Asset analysis

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Recession ready?
Recession ready?

Are you ready for the greatest recession of your lifetime? Here are Robert Kiyosaki's 5 G's that hold value during a serious recession: Ground ( spatial security ) Grub ( food security ) Guns ( physical security ) Gold ( financial security ) Gas ( mobile security ) Cash and Crypto would be next on the list.

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