For those that can’t trade on due to restrictions, this is a GAME CHANGER — BolsaDX Exchange


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For the last few years, there has been a number of countries that have been unable to access Other local instances of Binance, like Binance.US have been set up to cater for customers that cannot access the .com version. This gives them access to less Crypto coins to trade leaving them to try and acquire these elsewhere.

At the time, this didn’t mean much as there was no KYC requirements on Binance to withdraw up to 2BTC per day. Last year, this changed and all accounts required KYC. In effect, this prevented those people from registering and using the services based on the region they reside in.

BUT there IS a way to gain access to and buy, trade and sell all of the assets on without KYC. Want to know how? Say hello to BolsaDX (you can sign up here for 10% off trading fees). You will need a VPN to access it from the US. You can get a great deal on NordVPN here.

There is no KYC requirement for BolsaDX and you can withdraw up to 2 BTC daily. Sound familiar? Read on…..

BolsaDX is an exchange that operates in Latin America. The backend of the exchange IS but it’s branded as BolsaDX. All of the assets are the same, the interface is the same, your crypto is held by Binance giving you the same piece of mind as if you were using It effectively gives you access. You can even request API keys to integrate it into your third-party applications (because it’s just You can even see in the last screenshot is says:

“Using an API private key provides access to markets and real-time trading services on Binance via a third-party site or application.”

I’ve included some screenshots below, do these look familiar?

So, what’s the downside?

If you like to trade with leverage or margin, this isn’t available but the spot options are the exact same as (because it is just!!)

That’s it for this article, short & sweet but I wanted to share this with you!! Remember, you can get 10% off trading fees on BolsaFX here!!

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