Reading to coffee #6

Reading to coffee #6

By andrej | Reading to the coffee | 13 Jan 2021

Welcome to sixth episode of reading to coffee. 

Today topic is: INTERNET


1. Every day there is send more than 300 billions of e-mails. About 97% of them are spam.

Black and Gray Digital Device

2.  Internet is 11630 days old (today 13.1.2020)

Google Search Engine on Macbook Pro

3. YouTube upload to internet every minute about 72 hours of video content.

Person Holding Space Gray Iphone 5

4. was the first registered domain.


5. The first spam email that ever went out was from a computer salesman named Gary Thuerk in 1978. It was an advertisement for a presentation by Digital Equipment Corporation for their DECSYSTEM-20 products

Junk Email | Network & Security Hub

6. Google now processes over 40,000 search queries every second on average.

Black Samsung Tablet Display Google Browser on Screen

7. Gaia online is the biggest internet community. There are 23 millions registered accounts.


8. The biggest data center is located in Tahoe Reno, Nevada, and covers an area of boasting 7.2 million square feet.

Reno Rising: Region Attracts Cluster of Cloud Campuses

9. 12% of all existing websites online are NSFW. 


10. 7 People control the whole internet.  There are seven people assigned to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) who hold seven different keys. In the case of a Catastrophe, these seven people can meet again and restore the state of the Internet.


11. Almost half of downloading content is illegal.

Free stock photo of background, bit, business

12. Even humans are only real users of internet, bots and malware take care of 61,5% of net.

Prosthetic Arm on Blue Background


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