Risked His Life Savings in Cryptos

Employees From Major South Korean Firms Quit Their Jobs After Pocketing Millions in Crypto Profits

By riba2383 | RB Crypto News | 24 Apr 2021

One of the Interviewees Risked His Life Savings in Cryptos

As per a report distributed by TV network JTBC, representatives from significant organizations, for example, Shinhan Card, Samsung, and LG Electronics guaranteed they gathered sufficient benefits to stop their positions.

Declarations included in the video report show that the people figured out how to gather a large number of dollars worth of cryptos.

One of them, a previous Shinhan Card laborer, disclosed to JTBC that he figured out how to acquire very nearly 3 billion won ($2.7 million) yet explained that he faced a high-challenge move by accomplishing such shocking benefits.

Truth be told, he contributed his life investment funds and a few credits onto crypto exchanges, and after he acquired the mogul sum in benefits, he quit his place of employment job at Shinhan Card a month ago. Strangely, he turned into a full-time Youtuber to highlight his prosperity on crypto speculations.

Previous Samsung Employee Earned Around $36M in Profits

In any case, his story is far to be the best one included in the report.

One more of the previous laborers met by JTBC, who was essential for the staff at Samsung, professed to have acquired around 40 billion won ($36 million) in benefits in the wake of contributing only 50 million won ($44,670) worth in digital forms of money.

As a note, nothing from what was just mentioned interviewees unveiled which cryptos they put their cash in.

Nonetheless, a specialist from the monetary region of Yeoido – who didn't uncover the name of the organization – faltered from putting resources into bitcoin (BTC) as she revealed to JTBC that numerous individuals were putting resources into crypto. She professed to have felt "restless" about such sort of venture.

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