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By Ravthijo | Ravthijo | 6 Feb 2021

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Happy to walk you all through on basics of farming to comprehend the minimum need to understand the concept behind: and my sincere thanks to publish0x and harvest finance for this great opportunity on #CropSpotter


As per wikipedia: Farming is growing crops or keeping animals by people for food and raw materials. Farming is a part of agriculture.


                               "  To make it very simple: Its nothing but creating an eco-system which complement one another and yield the need. "


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This is what we are going to see in this whole post, how we can create or follow a strategy and get the yield by complementing each other.


Different Types of Farming:

Like our expectation and need, we have various type of Farming, like we have Cereals, Fruits, flowers and vegetable farming we have different types, above this farming type we can have Hybrid farming, Mass Farming, Localized farming, and self-sustaining farming etc…


Why they are different types and classifications:

There are different needs for people at different layers, the one sitting with Huge Money like to do a mass production and he will target to sell the yield for less profit, The Co-operative farmer’s produce collectively and share the profits by avoiding middle man (gas fees). There are experts who just wat to test the different types of crops in different soil to create a new era in farming and there will be normal people who know little and do what come on their way and end up minimal living.


How to get the right strategy?

First understand the ground, then plan for the best crop on the right season. This is all about the whole strategy.  Understanding the ground includes understanding your ground reality of market, the instrument you going to choose, your ancillaries availability and the timeframe you are looking for the yield. The Plan should be build based on your ground reality and accommodate different seasons (market trend), and right choice of seeds that your coin pots. Last but not least – minimize the middleman interference (i.e. the Gas fee).


What should be your Strategy?

Since now you know the ground and got your plan, you can easily adopt to your best suitable one.


The Weather Report is nothing but your Dashboard:  


This gives the current updated for all your plan and selection also gives you a heads up where you and your plan heading will all required forecast.


Why the Strategy instead of Just HODL:

When you get a seed and potential farming option – what you will do ? You still hold your seed to wait for the market to go up to sell later (or)

You do the cultivation out of that seed and multiply your yield and profit?  The Choice is always yours.


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Number and Crypto Maniac, Love to wet my hands on potential projects and Hobby explorer.


Number and Crypto Maniac, Love to wet my hands on potential projects and Hobby explorer.

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