The One Secret Element to Live your Passion

By Ravthijo | Ravthijo | 5 Feb 2021


Plenty of us like to pursue our passion, however not everyone got that blessed to get that comfort zone. There is always something extra you need to reach that level of comfort zone.  Yes, running your regular rat race can only fetch for the living and bills of that time, this will never fetch what you want to achieve.

Waiting for the job/living which you very much passionate about is also not possible for everyone, hence your primary should be your prime till you get comfort zone on your passion construction. And trust me, it’s always possible to pursue your passion – when you got a dedication towards it.


How to find that extra element?

How much you need to spend to get this extra element?  A lot of money? or effort? or sweat? or blood? Nothing doing, there is something very precious than all this – yes, that’s “Your Time”.

When you understand your time is precious than anything else in your life, you will understand this extra magic element well and get in there.


Where to start?

You spend quite a lot of time for your company, boss, friends, family, and society etc., did you ever spend time for yourself? if yes- you are already there, if not – spend at least few hours every week to reflect and refine.

The moment you attain a look-in to yourself, you will get to know what you need to do, without anyone else spelling you that. It’s not that easy as I am typing in few lines, its goanna takes few week or months to reach that.

The Note:

Don’t stop and conclude your attempts with few tryouts, try to learn from every attempts and go prepared for the next one. You born to live your life, no one else can tell you - what you need to do, you decide what is best for you and which one brings the real happiness within you!


Have a Great, Happy and Fanatical Life!

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Number and Crypto Maniac, Love to wet my hands on potential projects and Hobby explorer.


Number and Crypto Maniac, Love to wet my hands on potential projects and Hobby explorer.

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