War of the words: Culture and mathematics in cryt-land!

War of the words: Culture and mathematics in cryt-land!

Evolutionarily, scientists do not know how to say at what moment the glottis, which prevents primates from choking, descended into the voval apparatus of the throat and allowed the homo anything from that time to vocalize and externalize sounds in addition to grutural gestures.

The set of:
1) Being able to verbalize more sounds, phonetically speaking;
2) If using the fire to heat and cook/roast meat;
3) Use chipped stone tools to optimize leather tanning, wood cutting and hunting and fishing tools;
4) Molding and fabrication of pottery and straw for water storage, fruit and seed collection storage and thermal insulation;

It transformed this primate, which lived in the African savanna and tropical forests, from prey and victim of the environment into the dominant species, not only technologically, but environmentally on Earth.

The adaptive capacity of man, whose fire, speech and tools, transformed the environment in which he lives, does not, on its own, make modern homo sapiens what it is today.

The development of humanity truly begins to take place when it leaves the oral tradition and begins to record its history. By the way, this is the main difference between the dominant civilizations and the Indians (indeed, natives of the lands that the conquerors took for themselves, called Indians because the first transmarine settlers thought they had arrived in India!)! Oral tradition of passing knowledge, while those had writing and records.

The oral tradition was born with the human being, but the effective record of history and everything else is what made the human being what he is today!

As a great Greek philosopher, Aristotle, would say: History is the mother of all sciences. Also because Aristotle was the first of the Greek philosophers to divide the areas of science and attribute characteristics to each one of them.

History is an attempt, unique or collective, to describe everything around it from a global perspective, framing geography, science, technologies, individual points of view, atmosphere and environment to sew the fabric of reality.

This fabric of reality, whether it is going to be black, white, blue, red, yellow, green or invisible, will depend on the observer's focus. Whether the fabric is free of flaws, stains, wrinkled or smooth, depends on who writes. But the usefulness, color and how to use it depends on the observer.

Nevertheless, the eternal lesson remains: history is usually written by the victors, those in power or critics of that power - but also those invested with power.

The simplest example of this was the destruction of the entire Mayan culture by the Spaniards in the 14th century. Violently, and in search of gold, the Spaniards, in the name "De Dios e del Rey" destroyed a 500-year-old civilization in 50 years: massacre of all kinds, slavery and destruction of temples and libraries, replacing monasteries and cathedrals (See that Mexico City, in its central Catholic cathedral, contains stones from the previous Aztec temple!).

So, destroying a civilization has less to do with annihilating its population and more to do with destroying its culture.

The Egyptian people were conquered by the Assyrians, the Persians, the Romans, the Europeans of the Middle Ages, the English, until they were recognized as a country in 1922. A 3000-year-old empire, transformed into ghost territory by another 1900, continues with its roots -although some was plundered in the late 1800s - because although conquered and annihilated as characteristic genomic traits, it kept much of its culture intact - despite wars and religious tensions.

Culture is the mainstay of civilizations, the Roman Empire knew so well about this power that, when conquering a people, it set up a forum, an aqueduct, a barracks and a school. Teaches Hellenistic culture, adopted from the Greeks. It absorbed the local culture, did not fight it, and adapted it to Roman culture, mentally pacifying the conquered peoples. Although we have the Roman empire as a bloody and conquering army, in fact, this Roman empire, as well as in Egypt, exists to this day, in laws, in temples, but in architectural forms, in language, in alphabets, in beliefs, in the calendar and in people's names!

In the mathematical aspect, the numbers were Arabic, because in the Middle East business and commerce happened. In fact, Middle Arabia was a large open-air shopping mall thousands of kilometers across. Mathematics, unified since the first centuries after Christ, formed the formal language of commerce, money and all peoples: no people, of any language, of any ideology or religion, fails to use Arabic numerals to mark time, value products, count things and make mathematical calculations!

On the financial side, nothing works without historical records - the graphic analyses, percentages and other mathematical gadgets need them.

The financial market, since the beginning of time, has united history and mathematics: eternal concepts that do not depend on civilization, borders or any beliefs.

There is another place that looks like this: the internet.

and within the internet, the cryptocurrency market.

Cryptocurrencies tend to be the future, not because of technology, agility or speed of response and gains (the latter for those who are prepared, of course!) but because it congregates in its mathematical base and history, despite any sub-national culture.

It is essential, therefore, dear readers, that mathematical preparation combined with concepts of financial and historical records, be a constant focus of study in the world of cryptocurrencies!

Luck doesn't exist in mathematics and history shows that the best prepared are the ones who win and, when they don't, it imposes such huge losses on the winners that it can't even be called a victory.

Luck, bad luck, faith and enchantment beliefs must never be part of this world.

To grow it is necessary to study. If you earn without an education, let alone with an education. Knowing about the records of what is right, knowing about the histories of things combined with mathematical concepts may not always win, but it will always get you out of trouble and deception!

Good studies, children!

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