Rapids (RPD) - Cold Storage

Rapids (RPD) - Cold Storage

By Chriss | Rapids English | 19 May 2020

As the countdown to the Rapids v2.0 consensus update progresses, you only have a few days left to download the new Core Wallet


It's very important to download the updated core as soon as possible. This new version is fully operational to host the new Consensus which will arrive May 22nd, when the chain reaches Bock 793850.


Are you familiar with Cold Storage?


It's the principle of protecting your Rapids (RPD), away from any internet connection which makes them virtually impossible to steal.

From May 18th, Rapids Network offers you its 3rd Cold Storage solution.


The first one being the simplest, you carefully note (respecting upper and lower case, taking care to differentiate between O and 0 ...) your private key on a sheet of paper, which you store cautiously away from curious eyes (do not print it, do not take a picture of it, do not save it on your computer or in your emails).


The second is the Whopper Card, which you can order here, you will have the choice between :

  • A card that you can share with anyone you want, so they can send you some Rapids (RPD).
  • Or a Full Wallet card, the Public Key (the address of your Wallet) and the Private Key are automatically generated, and will be written on the card, then you just have to store your RPD on this address, to store them safely.


And now the third Cold Storage solution, the Rapids Paper-Wallet, that you can download on this link.


You choose which of these Cold Storage solutions is best for you.


There are many others, you just have to be creative:

  • Engrave in wood
  • Store on a USB key or hard drive
  • Engraving on a piece of metal
  • A metal card 
  • Print in 3D
  • The Brain Wallet

The most important thing is that you find the best way to protect your assets, because once the Private Key is lost (or stolen), you definitely lose access to your crypto assets.

Cold Storage is the safest way to protect your crypto assets, but you still need to take care of it.


Have a good week



Thank you all for your continued support to the network.

Stay Safe.

Rapids Network

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Rapids English
Rapids English

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