Rapids Organize the First Call of Duty Tournament by Rapids
Rapids Organize the First Call of Duty Tournament by Rapids

By ChrissCrypto | Rapids English | 21 Oct 2019

Hello Gamers, friends of the Call of Duty Community

You who live only for Call of Duty, to always push your limits, to impose yourself and show that you are and will always be stronger than others, you who only play as a team, and that without your team nothing is possible, and that team spirit is your spearhead, you who all together want to surpass yourself even more and always more, and show others what team spirit means, advance together for a common goal, and give the best of yourself, no matter how many you are

Join the Rapids Team, which is in charge of this organization, for its Call of Duty tournament which will take place on Saturday 26 October 2019, be present, it is a major event for the Rapids Community, but also for the Call of Duty Mobile Players

And show us that you are the best, show us all that you are the best, and that no one can surpass you, because you and your team are capable of anything, all together - Rapids offers you this opportunity not to be missed

Join us for this tournament, and try your chance to win $250 or equivalent in $RPD, what could be more beautiful than to be rewarded for your achievements, your ambition and your spirit of infallibility, it is you and your Team that could have this chance to win this gift

There are times in your own life when opportunities arise, and it is up to you to seize them, more than it costs you nothing, it will only take a few hours of your time, but what is worth a few hours, when you dedicate them to your passion, and in this case the Call of Duty Tournament organized by Rapids, scheduled for next October 26

To do this, nothing could be easier, just announce yourself on the telegram channel, with a team of 5 members, to know the procedure to follow, as soon as you join the Rapids Team on telegram

Good luck to all, be proud of yourself, be worthy of yourself, and do the right thing for Call of Duty and Rapids

Thank you all, and may the best ones win!

In the near future, if this first tournament is a great success (which will certainly happen thanks to you, your teams and your friends who will also support you), it could be that Rapids will organize many other Call of Duty by Rapids tournaments, with always rewards at stake

If you or if you know any Call of Duty fans/players who play on Call of Duty Mobile, feel free to pass on the information to them, I am sure they will be grateful, and even more so if they are the winners of this first tournament organized by Rapids

Feel free to be a spectator of this very first tournament, and who knows, maybe you will also participate in the next ones

Thank you all, and may the best ones win!

Christophe WILHELM
Ambassador Rapids France


Writer for : Rapids Network, MyCointainer, Note Blockchain, Minter, FLAT.FM.

Rapids English
Rapids English

Welcome to the Blog of Rapids Network Feel free to contact me/us if you have any questions. Sincerely Christophe WILHELM Ambassador Rapids France

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