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Rapids Network & PolisPay - New Collaboration

By Chriss | Rapids Network | 26 Apr 2020

Hello everyone!

Rapids Network has some very exciting news for you. A collaboration has just been set up between PolisPay and Rapids Network.

Until now we were limited in the use of our Rapids (RPD):


But now we've reached a new stage in the use of your Rapids (RPD).

The result of this collaboration in the history of Rapids Network, we are able to offer you the possibility and the opportunity to use your Rapids (RPD) for all your purchases and expenses of everyday life, from your home, on the internet, or in shops using the PolisPay Prepaid Card.

PolisPay App is really easy to use, its interface is really well thought out. For that you first need to download the PolisPay App from your Store (App Store, Google Play Store), it also exists in Desktop version for Mac and Microsoft. Then you have to register and validate your email address.

Once your registration is finalized, you will have access to all that PolisPay can offer you

  • Order the PolisPay Prepaid Card, which you can use like any other Mastercard.
  • Check out the list of gift cards, available on more than 40 countries (Netflix, Amazon, Blizzard, PlayStation, Spotify, Steam, and more)
  • Use the 'SHIFT' option to convert between cryptocurrencies



But first of all, we can't tell you enough, before making your first Rapids (RPD) deposit on your Rapids Wallet from PolisPay, remember to write your 'Mnemonic Phrase' on a piece of paper, this random sequence of words is the ultimate security to protect your assets on PolisPay, it will also allow you to access your Desktop Wallet if you registered via the App, or to access the App if you registered from the desktop version. It's really important not to neglect this level of security, if you lose this Mnemonic phrase, or if you get it stolen, you also lose any possibility to access your account (so take great care to write it down on a piece of paper, do not write it in an email or computer, do not take a picture of it with your phone, do not print it).


Once all of this is in place and you are ready to make your first deposit of Rapids (RPD) on PolisPay, a wide range of options for using your assets will open before you, so all you have to do is choose how to use your Rapids (RPD) appropriately.


Little tip also, PolisPay proposes to members to buy Masternodes, which will allow you to earn a passive income directly on your PolisPay account, and moreover you will be able to use this income to spend it as you wish, very easily with the PolisPay Prepaid Card, here is a list of some Masternodes available on PolisPay (Polis, Phore, PivX, SafeInsure, Dash, Solaris ..)



Feel Free to contact us, or to contact PolisPay on Telegram if you have any question.

We wish you a pleasant Sunday, take good care of yourself, and see you soon.  


See You Soon.

Rapids Network

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Rapids Network
Rapids Network

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