Rapids is in the Final of the Champions League of the Altcoins 2020
Rapids is in the Final of the Champions League of the Altcoins 2020

By ChrissCrypto | Rapids English | 1 week ago


That's it, we're here!


Rapids is in the Final of the Champions League of the Altcoins 2020.


This week's fight is close! Rapids (RPD) vs. Ripple (XRP)


As of February 13, 2020 (Source Coingeko) : 

Ripple (XRP) Market Capitalisation $14.18 Billion - 3rd place 

Rapids (RPD) Market Capitalization $660k - 815th place


Thanks to the support of the Rapids Community, and all the other supporters around the world, we are pleased to be in the final round of the Champions League of the Altcoins 2020, it shows the power that a network can make, a whole community of fans, people who believe in us and trust us have allowed us to stand out. 


Let's mobilize once again, with even more fervour! We deserve this victory!


And even if we don't come out victorious (in 6 days), we know that we can count on the support of several thousand people, all of them working for the good of Rapids!


Just being in the final of this Championship, the name Rapids, a little bit deeper in the history of Cryptocurrencies


The entire Rapids team, the Outreach Community and all Rapids members, thank you all, and we are counting on you! 


Alone we are strong, but together we are stronger.


Together we can make a difference! Ripple with a capitalization of $14 Billion, compared to Rapids which has a capitalization of $660,000, NOT EVEN AFRAID! 


See you in 6 days to discover the final result of this battle of the Titans. 


To vote, nothing could be simpler, just go to this Tweet and click on Rapids - Every vote counts, every support is important. 




Thank you all!

See you soon  

Rapids Network



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Rapids English
Rapids English

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