Friends (2)

By AbrahamCrypto | Rap scribbles | 18 Jan 2020

Welcome my dearest friend

You've made it to the arms of friends

I want you to see me, remember you need me

Wherever you may go just know i'm by your side


Remember back in the day when you had my back all the way

Back when i had no place to stay and my steps were going astray

I had a backpack full of crack and was selling hits for money

But you didn't cut me no slack and when you found out you threw it away

Put me back on track, gave me a place to stay

My heart was all black but your why it turned grey

Therefore i'm willing to slay anything you deem as prey

And i pray that the Lord help us fight the devil no matter the level or if there were several i got something special for them

To the depths of the netherworld send them oh Jesus of Bethlehem

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Entrepreneur, Crypto currency adopter, Highly empathetic.

Rap scribbles
Rap scribbles

Stuff that rhyme that i write to pass time

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