Satisfaction against difficulty

By fmoreno | RandomThoughts | 31 Dec 2020

There is a feeling you get after reaching the top of a mountain. It is not the same feeling for a hundred meters mountain than for a kilometer high mountain. It might be the same feeling but with different intensity. The case is that you feel great when you reach the top and it takes you some effort.

That is the feeling you get when you reach a goal and you have to dedicate time and effort to reach it. I am starting with programming in Arduino to give an example. I started by thinking what is that weird looking blue card with electronic parts in it to identify all components and made some leds blink in an ordered way.

It did not take me long. Maybe some weeks, just giving a couple of hours by week. But the time you look behind where you started you really see a huge change.

The time when I bought my bike and after 10 kilometers I could feel every muscle fiber in my legs to the time I could make 100 kilometers and keep doing my day as nothing happened.

There is so much effort between the start and the current time. When you tell a friend you did 100 kilometers they do not know the suffering you had until you reached that milestone, that is only for you, and you deserve to acknowledge the massive improvements you have done.

I heard some story or example of this a while ago. There is a graphic designer that charges some money to design logos. They are amazing logos and he is able to do them really fast, as he is an expert by the time. That is when a customer complains about the time he spent doing a logo and the amount of money he charges for it. The designer told him: I have been working and studying for longer than a decade just to do this good and fast and that is the reason for my prices.

I am sure I completely destroyed the story, but the point is that the customer is not paying for a 10 min design, he or she is paying for the knowledge the designer has for making an amazing logo in under 10 minutes, because he has been improving everyday for years just to exactly that.

This takes us to the end of this thought expression of myself. keep working hard and do not let other people judge you for your efforts, only you know how much suffering it took to reach your current state.

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