I deleted all social media related to Facebook

By fmoreno | RandomThoughts | 24 Jan 2021

This was a really radical thing to do. It meant Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp accounts being deleted. Not just uninstalling, I eliminated the accounts.

And even if you feel disconnected at first, after a little time you are thankful there are no more groups where nothing is said and you do not find yourself looking at other people's life and feeling bad on Instagram.

The main reason is the security part. I was not a fan of Facebook from the start, but this made me take real measures.

I like photography and now I am actively looking for somewhere to post my photos. Maybe I will show you some examples one day. In the meantime maybe if you know somewhere to post that photos and maybe get some cash back it would be amazing.

The whatsapp part was extrange, when I deleted the account it automatically eliminated me from the groups I had. This meant, the padel group, the class group and various family groups. This was something a little shocking for them. Some friends told me if I blocked them. But when I explained everybody understood.

Am I happier now without facebook services? The answer is yes, a thousand times yes. I already told everybody that I care about the reason and if they want to contact me they can use Signal and Telegram. Everyday I have a notification of someone I know using these alternatives. So it is not a big problem and more people are doing it.

But Facebook is not the only one selling your data to the better buyer. Google does that too. My solution for this was less dramatic. I installed Brave, and a VPN with my raspberry Pi, now there is no advertisement data being sent and there are no ads coming because of the raspberry blocking them.

This was a lot better than the facebook part. Now there are no ads at all showing anywhere on my devices. Also there is no data collection and selling. 

I really recommend this but you will need some computer knowledge and experience. But it is a great project to do one weekend and know how the Internet works. 

Another privacy action I am taking is denying cookies when I visit a website. You might think that the cookies can not be denied at least without that window showing all the time until you click accept. But, have you seen the other option showing next to the accept button? It normally says "more options” or "configure options". Click it, it will show you the options to deny every cookie.

This is something they do not tell us about, but is there by law, so use it. 

They use and sell our data for free. and our data is worth thousands. All our power of purchase is on the table. So valorate better your data and privacy and try to act against organizations that try to steal it.

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